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Hybrid IT Made Faster, Simpler, Easier: A Consumption-Based Approach

Agility. Innovation. Lower operating costs. If you were to ask me to name off the top of my head the reasons why businesses are moving to the cloud, those would be the big three that come to mind. There are others, for sure, but basically companies are turning to hybrid IT because they want to move faster to head off competitive threats and tap into new revenue sources; break free from time-guzzling routine management tasks to accelerate innovation; and, in the long term, reduce the cost of IT.

The benefits are very real even though the road to achieving them can be bumpy. We at Hewlett Packard Enterprise have put a lot of thought and effort into innovations that help companies determine the right mix of cloud for their needs (whether private, public or hybrid), simplify the transition to cloud-enabled IT, and automate their hybrid IT operations. At HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas in June, we announced a breakthrough result of that effort: HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, our new automated cloud operating model that helps companies optimize their on- and off-premises clouds.

 As Ana Pinczuk, HPE Pointnext’s SVP and GM, describes it, HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud is “designed to help customers manage and optimize their public and private clouds in a turn-key fashion that includes automating all cloud operations. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to consumption and other innovative hybrid IT services across our portfolio.”

We believe HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud is unique in the market because it combines four elements that are crucial for success in implementing and operating any hybrid approach to IT delivery:

1. Operations and management of your cloud environments.

The rationale for this is very straightforward. Hybrid IT is new, it's complicated, and it requires re-engineering and re-imagining IT delivery. Delivering IT through public cloud is not the same as delivering IT internally, or even on a private cloud. The platforms are different, and the processes are different. CloudOps calls for new skills that are in very short supply at most organizations.

And that cloud-native management often has to happen in a multi-vendor context. How do you manage multiple public cloud providers with consistency? How do you do that with operational scale? This is where the managed services component of HPE GreenLake really shines. HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud’s management and operational services allow you to focus on business outcomes. They give you the flexibility to say “I've made the transition, I'm getting value out of the cloud; I can start to build my capability in the background. Maybe I'll take it over someday, but maybe I'll let HPE continue to run it.” It’s hybrid cloud on your terms.

2. Proven software and methodologies that help you deliver results faster.

HPE OneSphere, our flagship hybrid cloud management solution, provides top-level, centralized view of your on- and off-prem cloud operations from a single dashboard. It’s a great match for CTP’s portfolio of tried-and-true managed cloud controls that help you drive down the cost of the cloud conversion, as well as our extensive compliance support capabilities. You can find a useful overview of those in Don Randall’s post Hybrid IT with All of the Benefits and Fewer Headaches: Introducing HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, and I’ll be doing a deeper dive into those capabilities in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

3. Comprehensive professional services.

To help companies get from where they are to where they need to be, any cloud solution must encompass a strong advisory element. It can't be focused just on one parameter, one application, one small part of the architecture at a time. It needs to be holistic, and able to address security, compliance, governance, migration, architecture and application-level domain work – everything that organizations need to be successful. We at Cloud Technology Partners, an HPE company, (CTP) are proud to supply a large slice of that expertise (and see Mitchell Feldman’s recent post on what new HPE family member RedPixie brings to the table.)

4. A consumption model for the full hybrid environment – including on prem.

As Ana noted in her article Only HPE Offers Metered, On-Premises IT Consumption – and We’ve Just Made It Even Better, “not everything in your IT toolbox is right for the public cloud. On-premises IT, too, is critical for many applications due to company-specific criteria or regulatory restrictions. In those instances, wouldn’t it be great to have what you need on-prem, but still retain the benefits of the public cloud — including no capital outlay and metered consumption?”

That’s exactly what HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud provides. By definition, you buy your public cloud on a consumption model – but only HPE allows you to buy your private cloud on a consumption model. With usage-metered, cloud-emulating infrastructure owned by HPE but installed on your premises, you can drive down cost and increase flexibility for that environment. You pay for the exact amount of resources you need, above a minimum commitment, and you sidestep worries about venue duplication and overspend.

Taking cloud by storm

It all adds up to a fast, direct route to hybrid IT. Plus, HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud ensures consistent, sustainable operations once you get there – whether you’re placing workloads in an Azure Stack private cloud, an off-prem public cloud component, or non-cloud, traditional IT infrastructure.

You can achieve those key cloud benefits of agility, innovation, and lower costs – and throw in better compliance for good measure. And you can do it all without having to train or hire new staff, or having to change every business-as-usual process for provisioning IT that you've known and built for the last 10 years.

I’ll talk more about the unique cloud methodologies behind HPE GreenLake Hybrid in my next post. Meanwhile, take a closer look at our services on our HPE GreenLake website, or view my interview with HPE Pointnext VP Flynn Maloy at Discover below.  

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