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Hybrid cloud is the future, so what's stopping you?

The benefits of getting to the right mix of hybrid cloud are clear, it’s faster, more agile and efficient. Those that have made the move are now enjoying the competitive advantage this model offers. So why aren’t we all there yet?

A transformation project like this puts enormous pressure on an already stretched set of resources. Overcoming the temporary costs of running two environments, upending your current IT processes, refactoring applications and overcoming skills gaps, is costly. It is generally known that many IT organizations are spending 70% or more just keeping things running, leaving little to spend on transforming to hybrid. For many, they are resigned to the fact that this transformation is going to take many years to complete. Taking advantage of technology refresh cycles, incremental project investments and opportunistic vendor upgrades to eventually get them there.


But what if I told you there was a way to accelerate your transformation, to get you there faster? Taking an approach where the transformation could pay for itself?

HPE Pointnext Services recently worked with a company that wanted to move to hybrid cloud fast but without increasing their IT budget. A seemingly impossible task if you look for the answer in technology, but there is another way. 

The answer reveals itself when you structure the transformation as an economic problem.

We devised a simple strategy where IT improvements freed up resources to fund further improvements: an innovation flywheel of sorts.

We modeled the solution based on three fundamental strategies:

  1. Free up the trapped capital in your datacenter to start the transformation
  2. Gain efficiency by moving what makes sense to public cloud
  3. Optimize the on-premises IT environment with an accelerated move to cloud

Freeing up trapped capital

You cannot start any large transformation project without a large capital infusion. Typically, we look to our annual budgets to provide those funds. Many have overlooked their biggest capital reserves, the capital they have already spent in their datacenters.  Every IT asset you have retains value and that value can be freed up and used for your hybrid transformation.

Partnering with HPE Financial Services, we can help monetize the existing value of your technology and direct that IT investment to your new infrastructure. Unlocking that trapped capital. Freeing you from waiting for assets to be fully depreciated. And shifting from ownership to an easier payment model.

Last year alone, we returned $330 million of “trapped capital” back to customers to fund transformation and innovation – ranging from $25 thousand to $94 million in one case!

Efficiency gains from public cloud

Hybrid cloud is constantly evolving, growing ever larger. We see a future where you will use clouds that are not just public, private or hosted but edge clouds, too - bringing clouds to your data. A recent study found that on average organizations are using 3.2 clouds today. IDC predicts this number to increase to 10 clouds by next year.  Beyond, we see this increasing exponentially.

There is an optimal placement of every app and every workload. This is called finding your right mix – discover, assess and plan which applications should move to the cloud, and how.  Getting the right applications to the right cloud delivers transformational improvements of agility and economics.

However, the process of finding the right mix is a complex one. In our experience, you need 65 pieces of information to determine where a workload should go and each workload is dependent on 5 others. This quickly creates a massive web of dependencies and possibilities. One project we are working on has 150,000 servers and it has created quadrillions of correlation points--the number is more than all the fish in the sea. HPE Pointnext Services developed HPE Right Mix Advisor to manage workload migrations like this.

Accelerating on-premises cloud transformation

On-premises infrastructure is woefully inefficient. Our studies show that most organizations have overprovisioned their technology needs by 50% or more – it’s a rich target area for optimization. HPE GreenLake, the industry leading as-a-service consumption solution, allows you to only pay for what you need and frees your people from the day to day grind of operating that technology. This burst in efficiency can help fund further technology initiatives that bring consistency, efficiency, and choice to your on-premises cloud environment. HPE technology innovations like composable, AIOps and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions drive down management overhead, help consume less power, and take up less datacenter space.

You’ve now gained a cloud experience across all your IT, using the right mix of platforms to support the right blend of security, performance, cost, and governance - for all applications and platform choices. 

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Watch Pradeep Kumar, GM of HPE Pointnext Services, in his spotlight session at HPE Discover 2019 –– Make your cloud transformation pay for itself 

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