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Ignite new revenue for your telco with as-a-service infrastructure for 5G

The opportunities unlocked by the new global wireless standard are significant, but infrastructure challenges hamper service providers’ ability to capitalize on them. A pay-per-use approach helps you reduce risks and uncover new revenue sources.

HPE-GreenLake-5G-flexible-consumption.pngBy Daniel Williams, HPE Worldwide Greenlake Cloud Services, Telecommunications Solutions Portfolio Lead

The arrival of 5G is accelerating change in the telecom sector to an extraordinary degree, opening all kinds of opportunities for communications service providers. CSPs see their 5G rollout as a chance to bolster their competitive position in the network, improve the customer experience, and introduce new cloud-based services ranging from gaming to remote video to IoT.

The new open-but-secure standard offers big benefits on the back-end, too. By reducing vendor lock-in and siloed approaches to purchasing software and infrastructure, it enables better integration, supports faster service development and DevOps, and simplifies automation – which has been a big challenge for many telco IT organizations. It brings a more agile, cloud-native, service-based experience to CSPs.

Across the industry, we’ve seen CSPs making massive investments to build new spectrum, mostly under their traditional, very CapEx-oriented models. But for many operators, the answer to the big question – how do we monetize 5G? – remains unclear. They’re looking for revenue streams based on providing new services to enterprises or consumers on a per-subscriber basis. But their route to infrastructure they need to do that is very far from a subscriber model. How do they get the outcomes they’re looking for without another huge capital expenditure? How do they identify the right offerings that will deliver results quickly? How can they get new services up and running fast and expand them rapidly when needed?

An as-a-service infrastructure approach can deliver these outcomes and unlock the full potential of 5G. HPE now offers a full 5G stack through HPE GreenLake , our next-generation cloud services portfolio. The HPE 5G Core Stack is a carrier-grade platform with high throughput, core density and low latency. It’s designed from the ground up to be cloud-native, open and secure.

A cloud experience for your 5G platform

Like all of our HPE GreenLake cloud services, this solution delivers a cloud-on-premises, pay-per-use experience based on HPE metering technologies. It frees up capital and gives you the financial flexibility to explore the possibilities of 5G. We keep an eye on capacity for you and we provide the analytics for you to do the same. You get a unified view of usage, cost performance, and compliance through HPE GreenLake Central, our software platform for cloud services. You can easily scale capacity up or down as needed. And we manage the solution for you, freeing up your IT resources to work on other tasks.

In addition, this approach can help you support enterprise sustainability goals by eliminating wasteful overprovisioning and keeping capacity closely aligned to your business needs. HPE modelling has found that enterprises can reduce their energy costs by more than 30% with HPE GreenLake cloud services.

A cloud-native, end-to-end solution

Let’s take a look at the architecture of the HPE 5G Core. The image below gives you a quick overview.

HPE-GreenLake-telco-cloud-services-graphic 1.png

 A few things to note here:


  • This is a true end-to-end solution, encompassing the edge as well as the core. It is an open, standards-based and service-based architecture, with functionality from HPE partners pre-integrated for you.
  • It’s cloud-native from the ground up and capable of multi-cloud deployment, with network functions as stateless micro-services.
  • The solution is designed to co-exist with 3G, 4G and 5G services.
  • It provides end-to-end orchestration, including a full suite of management functions, such as NFV management and orchestration.

The graphic below summarizes some of the key advantages.


Next-gen outcomes from a next-gen technology


So how does this architecture, delivered in a flexible consumption model, help you achieve your business goals?

Four things stand out, in my mind. With HPE 5G Core Stack though HPE GreenLake, you can:

  1. Leverage a low-risk entry point to develop new services. You can innovate without having to purchase and stand up a bunch of new gear. Your investment is minimal, and the risk is minimal. You have the financial flexibility to expand when and where you see results and any uptick in revenue.
  2. De-risk vendor selection with an end-to-end solution. HPE is unique in offering the full 5G stack as a service; no one else today in the marketplace can provide that experience. Other platform providers typically have to partner with an infrastructure provider to offer the full platform. Only HPE has both enterprise and telco solutions spanning from the enterprise edge, across the telco network, and into the multi-cloud environment. Our ecosystem partners contribute to the platform, their solutions are pre-integrated for you.
  3. Simplify operations. As any telco’s director of operations knows, 5G operations involve considerable complexity. HPE GreenLake takes that burden off of your shoulders. We design, install and manage the solution for you. We can provide assistance and support through our AI-based support portal. We optimize the solution for you, and provide all the analytics, metrics and tracking you need. Because it’s a comprehensive solution, it helps you eliminate shadow IT, where developers may opt to build 5G solutions in-house.
  4. Get up and running quickly. Tier-one providers can throw a lot of resources at 5G and make things happen quickly, but even the large players would be hard pressed to match the speed of deployment that you can get with HPE GreenLake. We can deliver the infrastructure to your datacenter or colocation in as few as 14 days. Once the physical environment is stood up, the solution can be deployed in as little as one hour.

The 5G surge has barely begun – it will have an immense impact on consumers and businesses as it continues to unroll. Communications services providers will tap into 5G to deliver innovation, flexibility and a cloud-native experience for their customers. They should expect no less from their infrastructure providers – and that’s exactly what HPE GreenLake delivers.

Read more about HPE GreenLake for telecommunications service providers, consumption-based solutions to transform IT delivery for the telco industry. 

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Daniel Williams.pngDaniel Williams is responsible for the end-to-end design, concept and evaluation of the Telecommunications vertical workload solutions, working to bring outcome-based business solutions to an industry that is moving at an incredible pace. Daniel’s goal is to deliver a truly unique customer experience that meets business revenue goals and key metrics. He has been working in the technology, services and software market space for the past 15 years.

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