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Re: Increasing Agility in the Age of Insights with Silicon On-Demand

Flexibility, agility, and control is the name of the game in IT today. With significant pressure to innovate quickly and manage resources efficiently, enterprises are adopting agile, elastic, pay-per-use, IT solutions in significant numbers. IDC expects 60% of all organizations will be following these IT as-a-Service (ITaaS) practices by 2023.


HPE has not only embraced this trend – it has also led and adapted by offering cloud-level experiences for apps and data, no matter where they live, through its HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. And now we’re doubling down on flexibility, announcing a new HPE GreenLake capability that will optimize resources at the silicon level with much finer granularity. All of this is an effort to deliver against the HPE Greenlake promise to scale right, have capacity ahead of demand, and deliver a cloud-like experience.

In addition, HPE unveiled the all-new HPE GreenLake Lighthouse solutions  that enhance the cloud-that-comes-to-you experience with simplified orchestration and capacity scaling that removes the stress of this time-consuming and often complex task. Rather than overprovisioning capacity on Day 1 to meet future needs or dynamic business fluctuations, companies can tap into this reserve capacity when needed. This capability is available for both CPUs and persistent memory. This unique capability enables organizations to add more capacity and activate it instantly with a click of a mouse without following a traditional capacity planning procurement cycle.

This first-of-its-kind, silicon on-demand feature was developed in partnership with Intel. It adds new capacity at a processor core and persistent memory level utilizing Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel®Optane™ technology.

Capacity planning is a significant challenge for customers since they never know when this demand will come. It’s particularly helpful for organizations in fields like retail and healthcare that face rapid spikes in computing demand to address the very immediate (and sometimes life-critical) customer needs.

Picture a scenario where a hospital has to treat an outbreak of disease in a community. The influx of new patients forces the hospital to quickly expand its records system. Rather than take resources away from another department, the IT staff can utilize HPE GreenLake Lighthouse to immediately increase the hospital’s core capacity. The outbreak may go away quickly – or it may spread. Following a pay-as-you-go, elastic model gives the hospital the flexibility to manage granular resources in a dynamic manner.

In retail, stores need to rapidly scale up additional workloads to support large promotions. If a promotion works, the retailer will need to continue to add surge capacity. If the promo fails, the retailer can dial things down. HPE GreenLake Lighthouse offers the benefits of public cloud without having to make sacrifices in performance or the need to add to its capital expenses.

The enhanced platform feature gives IT organizations the ability to scale resources in a more granular fashion, creating a flow that’s more tailored to their business. They can control their surge capacity in a way they never could before. They can decide when they want to support additional resources and how they want to manage different pools of cores and memory.

They can also optimize processor core capacity for specific workloads at a more fine-grained level. Having flexible on-demand core capacity opens new opportunities to innovate and solve for business needs as they develop. For example, a tech organization ramping up its VDI capabilities will be looking to optimize its infrastructure differently than a financial services organization. The tech company needs an architecture stack – processors, memory and storage – that supports greater video graphics capabilities to serve remote workers. VDI capacity demand typically experiences a lot of peaks and valleys, requiring more flexible capacity on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.

In contrast, financial services organizations want better control to address the potential for large swings in capacity demand — driven by changes in the market, customer requirements and regulatory requirements. 

Flexibility is critical for IT to meet today’s business demands. Organizations want fast, reliable access to data, apps and services whether they’re in a data center, in the cloud or elsewhere at the network edge. Organizations want on-demand capability they can utilize to manage capacity dynamically, optimize workloads effectively, and pay as they go. They want to increase agility and flexibility to align to with business demands.

This augmented silicon on-demand capability in addition to HPE GreenLake Lighthouse extends these capabilities right now. But it doesn’t stop there. The announcement marks the beginning of an exciting journey that will give HPE customers more control over their IT environments and a greater ability to influence business outcomes.   

Scott Wiest
Chief Technologist, HPE North America
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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