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Introducing HPE GreenLake with Cohesity: A pay-as-you-go solution for enterprise data management

The data explosion doesn’t have to mean data fragmentation. Cut through the inefficiencies and frustrations of storage data management with a consumption-based solution.

Platform as a Service.jpg“It’s a blessing – and a curse.” Ask any IT pro about today’s exploding data assets, and that will be likely the gist of the answer. The positive side is easy enough to understand, of course – data is pure gold in today’s fluid business environments. The negative side largely reflects the sheer cost and complexity of housing, protecting and managing that treasure if not done right.

The management challenges are significant and growing. Primary data may be siloed across VMs, physical servers, databases and network-attached storage appliances. Secondary data may be fragmented across backup, files, object storage, dev/test and analytics environments and more. Many organizations rely on multiple point products for these non-latency-sensitive data estates, sometimes as many as 6 or more, according to research conducted by Vanson Bourne. In addition, companies are increasingly turning to the cloud and the edge to store many kinds of data, which has only created more data silos. The overall picture is one of inefficient, hard-to-control sprawls that offer only limited visibility for decision-makers.

Cohesity, a disruptor in enterprise data management, tackles this challenge of mass data fragmentation head-on. Cohesity enables companies to eliminate all of their data silos with a single web-scale platform based on certified HPE servers. With Cohesity, customers can manage their global data space efficiently; search across multiple workloads wherever they reside; instantly restore apps to any point in time; prevent, detect and respond to ransomware, viruses and vulnerabilities; and a lot more.

Now Cohesity DataPlatform is available, together with HPE storage optimized to run it, in a scalable, pay-as-you-go solution that’s optionally operated for you. HPE GreenLake with Cohesity provides consumption-based data management in your data center, at the edge, or in a co-location facility. It delivers worry-free backup, recovery and archiving; file and object services; and agile dev/test and analytics, across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

This is a true hybrid solution that enables you to keep your data in your on-premises environment for maximum privacy and control when you need it, while still reaping the benefits of public cloud. The flexibility that Cohesity provides means that you can do more with your backup and unstructured data, leveraging it for more business benefits. You can reduce recovery time, eliminate multiple point solutions, and lighten the operational burden with a single, easy-to-use management interface.

And because it’s HPE GreenLake, you get all the benefits of as-a-service, consumption-based IT.

  • Adjust capacity, up or down, with ease – stay ahead of demand spikes and respond quickly to changing business need.
  • Achieve faster time to value with quick installs and upgrades, without long procurement cycle.
  • Enjoy lower TCO by eliminating wasteful overprovisioning and paying only for what you use.
  • Simplify operations with included support and services from HPE Pointnext Services.

We at HPE are proud of our partnership with Cohesity, which has enabled us to offer a data management solution that we believe is unique in the marketplace. The data explosion doesn’t have to mean fragmentation. With HPE GreenLake with Cohesity, you can unsnarl the data management tangle and unlock the full value of your data.

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