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Introducing verified HPE Peak Performance Badges


HPE Education Services has recently updated its Peak Performance digital badging program to enable verification and sharing of digital credentials through Acclaim Digital credentials such as "fast start" badges are now available to be verified by Hewlett Packard Enterprise without the need of a paid certification assessment.

Comparing certifications and digital credentials

HPE Peak PerformanceHPE Peak Performance

A digital badge is a graphical representation of a meaningful training achievement and is not limited to certifications. Digital Credentials displayed as badges have proven to have a positive influence on learning results. All official Digital badge images from HPE contain links which allows a viewer to confirm authenticity of the badge and an earners entitlement.  Think of a badge as a digital version of a certificate or diploma.  Digital Credentials issued through the HPE Peak Performance program signify that earners have completed all required training and passed a skills assessment.  To protect privacy, the digital badge may only be viewed and shared based on the badge earner’s choice. 

How digital badges stimulate learning

To graduate from college, there are steps you must go through before you earn your final degree. Earning  digital credential stimulates  learners to complete programs by celebrating and sharing their milestones and achievements throughout the learning journey . Badges shared on a “leader board” keeps learners motivated as they progress and allows a company or employer validate those achievements. A good example is the Fast Start badge for HPE Composable Infrastructure which is a foundational level credential  that provides a first look to  IT Professionals, Generalists, Presales, Technical Influencers, or Partners.  

Digital Credentials and continuous learning

HPE Digital badges are an excellent way to ensure that learners aren’t relying on their original training.  Peak Performance badges from HPE assist learners to maintain their skills  by  keeping them current.  A good example is the HPE Storage Certification which is good for three years.   A Digital badge (such as the fast start badge for Nimble Storage on Acclaim) could be used to ensure certified earners have the latest information.  

Sharing and verification of digital badges

HPE has partnered with Acclaim to provide an open badging platform for verification of its Digital Credentials. Acclaim verifies that badges represent are officially issued by HPE.  The badge verification process  prevents imposters from creating or copying a digital image and claiming an achievement falsely. The image of the verification screen on the Acclaim site shows how this is accomplished. Clicking on the image will take you to the Acclaim page to verify this badge as being officially earned :

HPE Badge VerificationHPE Badge Verification

Getting Started

The following Fast Start badges are available in the HPE Peak Performance badge collection

  • HPE ProLiant Gen10
  • HPE Composable Infrastructure (includes Synergy)
  • HPE Nimble Storage
  • HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

Start earning and sharing your Peak Performance digital badges today.  Explore the HPE Peak Performance badging page at

If you’ve already earned HPE badges, be sure to share with coworkers and the rest of the HPE Community,  or on LinkedIn (either as a post or within your profile),  don't forget to add the hashtag #HPEPeak and be sure to copy me @savvyedu

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