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Learn how HPE and VMware are revolutionizing the cloud: Join us at VMworld

VMware’s multi-cloud event, coming up October 5–7, is a perfect opportunity to get to know the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform and HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud.

By Raj Mistry, HPE Worldwide Business Development Leader, Office of the CTO & Software

HPE-GreenLake-Cloud-Services-virtual-machines.pngVMworld looks pretty enticing this year. It’s coming up soon, October 5–7. The headliners include actors Michael J Fox and Will Smith! There’s a ton of learning tracks covering the many applications of virtual machines, including Multi-Cloud, Security and Edge.

HPE is excited to be a platinum sponsor of the event, and this is a great opportunity to learn how you can bring the cloud experience to every zone of your IT estate with HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. In particular, it’s a chance to learn about HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud.

You can register for the event here: VMworld 2021

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform is agile, self-serve, pay-per-use, and easy to scale up and down. Our cloud services are designed to help you manage demands, stay secure and compliant, and reduce complexity with a platform that runs on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Here’s one session you’ll definitely want to catch – a live Zoom webinar: Bring cloud services to your apps and data everywhere with HPE GreenLake (Session ID: APP3108S).

In this session, HPE experts will explain how HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform delivers business outcomes with the agility and velocity of the public cloud. They’ll cover how HPE GreenLake Lighthouse supports your cloud-native applications and workloads with a complete managed service of compute, storage, and networking with HPE GreenLake cloud services and VMware virtualization software. With a range of scalable configurations – from 100 to thousands of virtual machines – you can deliver current and future business outcomes via private cloud with a built-in buffer of capacity and visibility into usage and costs.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud gives you the flexibility of private cloud services at the edge, in colocations and in your data center. Today’s IT brings complex deployments and challenges. IT Operations has got to deal with clustered applications, multiple datacenters, public, private, and hybrid clouds, and applications with complex dependencies. IT Operations need a solution and approach that can orchestrate and automate processes simply and ensure that all tasks happen in a proper order. 

Traditionally, deploying and operating enterprise workloads was a time-consuming and manual process. It often involves repetitive tasks, such as sizing, provisioning and configuring resources like virtual machines (VMs); establishing VM clusters and load balancing; creating storage logical unit numbers (LUNs); invoking virtual networks; making the actual deployment; and then monitoring and managing availability and performance. 

Although each of these repetitive and manual processes is effective, they are inefficient and often fraught with errors. These errors can lead to troubleshooting, which delays the workload's availability. They might also expose security vulnerabilities that can put the enterprise at risk. IT organizations must devote sufficient IT resources to own and maintain extra hardware and software stacks for fast disaster recovery. Automation technology also requires significant capital investments

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud eliminates:

  • The investment capital required for automation and orchestration technologies
  • The cost associated with maintaining the hardware and software stacks
  • The ongoing navigation of investing in tooling allowing the IT organization to provide value added services to “Cloud Consumers”.

HPE’s partnership with VMware is a longstanding one – more than 20 years – and it continues to generate outstanding innovation. Learn more about the HPE and VMware strategic alliance and how, together, we’re revolutionizing the cloud.

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Raj Mistry is a key member of the World Wide team in HPE’s Office of the CTO & Software, which provides the IP and platform solutions that underpin the aaS strategy of HPE. He is responsible for leading a team of product and business development specialists for HPE GreenLake cloud services. Raj specializes in helping customers adopt cloud solutions across many verticals and regions.

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