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Make the Move to SAP HANA with HPE GreenLake

Of all the technologies that businesses rely on to get more value from their data, faster, it’s hard to think of one that’s been more successful than SAP HANA in the past few years. Since it first hit the market in 2010, SAP’s in-memory data and analytics platform has helped thousands of companies reap the benefits of processing transactions at volume and in real time, including a more accurate view of the business, more efficient database management, and more productive application development teams.

The Road to HANA

HPE20170223065_800_0_72_srgb.jpgWhen I talk with IT leaders about SAP HANA, they’re generally enthusiastic about the potential results for their business, but they’re aware of some hurdles. They often worry about whether they can provide the skills in-house to get SAP HANA up and running. SAP HANA environments can be complicated to manage and optimize, too. Installing the solution is one thing, but you also have to monitor it and maintain the environment, keeping up with the patch levels.

Capacity planning can be a challenge, especially when there’s an infrastructure investment involved. How do you know what your capacity needs will be for SAP HANA, say, four years down the road? How do you make sure that you’ll have enough capacity to cover the growth of the business, and be able to meet seasonal peaks in demand? If you choose the cloud route for SAP HANA, you can bypass some of those concerns, but you run up against others. Data sovereignty is crucial. This is mission-critical data from your ERP systems, after all, so it’s not surprising that some organizations hesitate to put it into the hands of third-party service providers. In addition, latency may be an issue. You can’t afford anything less than the best performance from your apps.

HPE has removed many of the barriers to SAP HANA success with the introduction of HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA, a complete, pay-per-use infrastructure solution. It includes an on-premises appliance – right-sized, SAP-certified and ready to go – together with the operating system and services you need to meet your workload availability and performance objectives. Best of all, HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA rolls your payments hardware, operating system software and services into one simplified monthly invoice based on the total gigabytes of RAM used by the SAP HANA system.

HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA delivers:

HPE GreenLake SAP HANA.PNGPay-per-use flexibility. HPE’s metering technologies and consumption-based billing lets you easily scale your infrastructure in alignment with your business needs. Instead of a large upfront capital expense, you pay based on actual usage. You can easily add capacity and support the growth of your business.

Faster time to value. With a complete, built-for-purpose solution on HPE Appliances and expertise from HPE Pointnext, you can get a SAP HANA Infrastructure up and running faster and capitalize on the business benefits sooner.

Simplified IT. HPE Pointnext manages and operates the infrastructure for you, delivering a simplified experience that frees up your IT staff for higher value tasks. We help you install and deploy the solution, and we monitor your environment, checking capacity and suggesting ways to keep it performing to meet your workload needs. We maintain the hardware and operating system, applying patches as needed. HPE Pointnext’s SAP HANA infrastructure experts provide enterprise-grade reactive and proactive support. We can also provide the guidance you need to migrate, integrate, secure, and optimize your SAP HANA environment.

Proper control. Since HPE GreenLake is an on-premises solution, you are in full control of your apps and data, eliminating many concerns over security, compliance and data sovereignty. You also get exceptional performance, with the solution running on some of the biggest and fastest bare-metal appliances available, minimizing business risk and delivering higher levels of continuity and availability.

If you’re looking for a quicker, smarter route to SAP HANA, it’s time to investigate HPE GreenLake. You couldn’t be in safer hands. HPE Pointnext is the leading supplier of SAP infrastructure services, and HPE is the leading platform provider for SAP HANA deployments, with more than 12,000 physical deployments. That’s twice as many as our closest competitor. Indeed, around 50 percent of SAP deployments currently run on HPE infrastructure. We have the technologies and the know-how to help you deliver better business outcomes, faster.

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