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Making Blockchain Enterprise Ready: Announcing new Blockchain Services and SAP HANA Partnership


Some technologies are more exciting than others because they have the potential to power both your personal and your work life. One of those technologies that has made a huge splash and become an easily deciphered industry buzzword is blockchain. If you are investing in cryptocurrencies or exploring business use cases as part of your day to day work, then you know what we are talking about.     

For enterprises, blockchain brings better efficiency, lowers costs, and opens new business opportunities establishing trust between parties. Just like any other emerging technology, important roadblocks still need to be addressed for blockchain such as governance, compliance, data privacy, scalability, operations, security, platform functionality, and people and organizational readiness.Blockchain blog June 20183.JPG

 Investments From Enterprise Tech Leaders

 At 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW this week, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), joined the global blockchain consortium that SAP launched as a founding member. Together, HPE and SAP will co-innovate and work on blockchain use cases, push for industry standards and lead the conversations on important topics like governance for data sharing and approaches for specific industries. The joint solutions will be built on the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain, HPE advisory services, consumption expertise, and platform technologies from HPE, delivered as-a-service. The solutions will address the key problems faced by enterprise customers such as validating authenticity of semiconductor chip, transparency of asset records in the value chain or improving visibility in global trade.

Three Services from HPE Pointnext to Unleash Blockchain Potential

With so many opportunities, voices, and initiatives in the Blockchain world, it is critical to have a clear vision and a strong technology partner ecosystem to be able to identify and address specific business needs. To help enterprises understand what blockchain can do for their business and accelerate its adoption, HPE has developed various proofs-of-concept with industry-leading partners such as Ethereum, R3 Corda, Lequinox, Streamr, and open, standard HPE platforms. HPE has also launched its own HPE Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which enables customers to run distributed ledger workloads on the highest availability enterprise platforms. In parallel, HPE Pointnext conducts transformation workshops that help customers select the best Blockchain platform for their own needs and use case. If you are ready to explore, experiment with, and evolve your blockchain strategy HPE Services for Blockchain include:

HPE Blockchain Transformation Workshop- Understand what blockchain can do for your business, identify uses cases for your business, what impact it will have on your application strategy, and what the possible security implications are.  

HPE Blockchain Proof-of-Value- Take one of your use cases and put blockchain to the test. HPE Pointnext experts will assess and deploy the selected blockchain platform and use case using a distributed application/smart contract. Discover if blockchain has the potential to deliver quantifiable business value.

HPE Blockchain Implementation- This service will help you implement your blockchain vision, define the Hybrid IT infrastructure required to deploy blockchain, identify the skills your staff will require to exploit blockchain, and will develop the distributed applications/smart contracts needed to deliver the business functionality across multiple business units.blockchain blog June 2018.jpg

 Learn more in person: Meet us at Sapphire Now or at HPE Discover

Learn more about other announcements stemming from this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW event or if you are attending HPE Discover, Las Vegas June 19-21 here are some sessions that may be interest to you:

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