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Must-See Webinar – Hybrid Workplace: Redefining the Employee Experience

Watch the latest HPE World Watch webinar: Hybrid Workplace: Redefining the Employee Experience. And read on for key insights from one of the presenters.


By John Cummings, Cloud Experience Everywhere blog editor

If you’re interested in learning how new digital workplace technology can improve the employee experience and enhance collaboration across your business, we have a very special resource for you. Watch the latest HPE World Watch webinar, now available on-demand: Hybrid Workplace: Redefining the Employee Experience.

In this fast-paced 20-minute episode, experts from IDC, AMD and HPE will explore powerful strategies that enable you to sustain productivity regardless of location; ensure business continuity , safely and securely; and simplify collaboration to foster innovation. There’ll be plenty of insights here for facilities management leaders, real estate decision-makers and HR execs as well as IT leaders. 

To get a preview of the event, I had the opportunity to interview one of the presenters, Jennifer Brent. Jennifer is HPE’s Director of Business Operations and Strategic Planning for Global Real Estate.  

John Cummings: You head up strategic planning for real estate for HPE (among other things). Do you have a sense of how your counterparts in other companies are transforming their real estate strategies in response to the pandemic?

Jennifer Brent: Based on forums that I participate in and public announcements, most companies are committed to a hybrid workplace model for their future operations. But they’re still working through what that looks like in practice and how to implement. Advisors that we speak to, like IDC in this webinar, say HPE is ahead of the curve with our own program, which we’re calling “edge-to-office.”

John: Would you agree that rumors of the death of the office are greatly exaggerated?

Jennifer: Absolutely. Our HPE offices will continue to be core to our hybrid workplace strategy, with the primary purpose of acting as “culture and collaboration hubs.” And I’ve heard similar sentiments from peers. I do think it’s accurate, or at least closer, to say that the office as we used to know it is done, or dead – that the purpose of the office is purely or even mostly “work” (in the heads-down kind of way). Many companies are rethinking the value of the office and reimagining its purpose – and that’s what you might call a birth!

John: How will the rise of the hybrid workplace affect corporate cultures, and employees’ expectations of their employers?

Jennifer: If the company implements hybrid well, it will only enhance culture and set expectations around a workplace and workstyle that fits people’s lifestyles. Digital transformation and a digital mindset are prerequisites for this – it’s the only way that employees will remain connected and not feel remote. And by the way, I believe people should remove “remote” from their vocabulary when implementing a hybrid workplace! No-one should be or feel remote; everyone should be connected.

As for culture, companies with a high degree of trust and transparency are often recognized as being the best to work for. Hybrid requires high levels of both, so, again, I think hybrid done right will be a culture booster.

Join us to hear more of Jennifer’s thoughts and an in-depth discussion from IDC, AMD and HPE. Here’s the link again:  Hybrid Workplace: Redefining the Employee Experience.

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