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Never stop learning: Take the HPE Cloud Experience Assessment to gain new insights

Cloud means different things to different people, so misconceptions can surface quickly. Our online survey is bringing perceptions to the forefront and generating fascinating insights from your peers. Where do you fit?

By Tracy Siclair, Senior Field Marketing Manager, HPE

HPE-GreenLake-Cloud-Experience-Assessment-Cloud-Services.pngOne of the things I love about my job is being able to share insights with customers. Maybe they learn something new about themselves, or an innovative way of thinking. This is exactly what inspired us to create the HPE Cloud Experience Assessment

What are you getting yourself into by taking the assessment?

First, there is no right or wrong answer. Just sharing of insights we have discovered from your peers at organizations like yours. We set out on this cloud research journey to better understand perceptions of cloud across the globe and to investigate if they correlated with our understanding as we develop new cloud services and solutions. Along the way insights around workloads, IT surplus strategies and data movement also surfaced.

How does the assessment work?

  1. Answer the survey questions pertaining to your experience and perceptions of cloud (again, no wrong answers here!)
  2. Our tool compares your answers to those of your peers so you can evaluate where you are within the industry.
  3. Dig deeper into the insights with our dynamic report, which takes the research and shares those insights in a customer-centric way. Slice and dice the data to fit your region, role and industry vertical to gain an accurate picture of what your peers are saying.
  4. If we have intrigued you with these findings, there are various avenues to learn more. Papers to read. Websites to visit. Sales reps to discuss options. The choice is yours.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have learned:

  • Through overprovisioning cloud and underutilizing on‑prem infrastructure, stakeholders indicate that on average 16% of their IT budgets ($22M) is spent on misaligned infrastructure.
  • Due to data egress challenges, 70% of organizations keep their data on-premises in a colocation facility or private cloud.
  • Almost 40% of decision-makers believe their organization runs critical workloads in the wrong location.
  • Due to perceptions of mitigating risks, about two‑thirds of organizations are using less than 60% of their infrastructure on any given day, resulting in higher costs.

And that’s just the beginning.

What do you do with all this data?

Data is valuable to show perceptions, but leaders in the industry ask themselves “Now what? What actions can I take to make a difference?” In our business paper Self-evaluate your cloud migration to maximize your investment we provide best practices to consider and self-evaluation checkpoints to help you create your own action plan.

The Cloud That Comes to You

Businesses of all sizes, in every industry, now operate in a hybrid, edge-to-cloud world. Organizations recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach through public cloud does not work for the majority of their applications and data, which must stay on-premises or at the edge. This is due to several factors, including cost, compliance, control, governance, latency and performance, security, and application entanglement.

HPE provides a unique approach to hybrid cloud through HPE GreenLake, which delivers as-a-service, cloud economics on premises. It’s a pay-per-use model with no capital needed up front, and no overprovisioning of infrastructure. (See: What is infrastructure as a service?)

Get started by taking the HPE Cloud Experience Assessment and examine our insights, which you can turn into real business outcomes. Never stop learning.

Read more about our cloud services and how HPE GreenLake helps you deliver business outcomes faster with an as-a-service model.

Tracy Siclair has worked for HPE for 25 years in various positions, all geared towards providing a better customer experience. She has a passion for thinking out-of-the-box and finding innovative ways to share commercial insights. Utilizing research and insights, she’s putting those into action through storytelling techniques that customers can easily understand.

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