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No Time to Drive Transformation? Take Control with HPE Operational Services

By Gerry Nolan, Worldwide Senior Director for HPE Pointnext Support Services


When Deloitte released the final report in its massive CIO survey series last year, one finding was a real jaw-dropper: Almost half of CIOs are not involved in developing and executing digital strategy. That was the headline on the firm’s press release, which went on to explain: “The survey found that 44% of CIOs are neither actively involved in developing nor executing their organization’s digital strategy, even though digital strategy is an increasingly critical part of business strategy as a whole. Only a quarter of all respondents, regardless of role, indicated that they have an enterprise-wide digital strategy at all; the time is now for CIOs to take the reins.”

Indeed. But taking hold of the strategic reins remains challenging for many IT leaders. Deloitte reports that “CIOs haven't shifted away from being trusted operators in the past three years – more than half of the CIOs surveyed are still focused on delivering efficient, reliable information technology operations rather being a catalyst for growth and transformation within their organizations.”

This jibes strongly with what I hear from many IT chiefs when I’m out there in the field. Much as they would like to be what Deloitte calls “vanguard” leaders, driving technology-enabled business transformation and opening paths to new revenues, their focus is mainly on the operational to-do lists and keeping the systems running reliably and efficiently. Combining a transformational role with those crucial functional requirements is a difficult balancing act.

Trusted operator, meet trusted partner

I’ve long been an advocate for an IT support strategy that offloads a large part of that crucial “trusted operator” role to a trusted partner, so that IT can bring its expertise to bear more directly on what the business needs (see my previous posts here and here, for example). You won’t be surprised to hear that I recommend HPE Operational Services as the ideal choice for that partner role.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out this research from TechValidate, based on surveys of HPE Datacenter Care customers. HPE Datacenter Care is our most comprehensive support solution, delivering a range of proactive and reactive services. Over ninety percent of survey respondents agreed with the statement “HPE Datacenter Care helps us focus better on our IT and business priorities.” 92% of respondents say they’re likely to recommend HPE Datacenter Care – a pretty impressive promoter score in anybody’s book.

HPE Datacenter Care statistic.png


The rest of the data in the “Stats and Charts” section is well worth your time, but nothing beats hearing it straight from the IT folks who took part in the survey – there’s a great collection of comments under the “Testimonials” tab. Here’s a few examples.

  • HPE Datacenter Care helps provide rapid response and resolution to IT issues, which gives us peace of mind.” -IT Manager in a telecom services company.
  • We improved the response time for data center incidents and planned maintenance windows. We now focus on the core business-related projects by using HPE expertise for multivendor support as a partner that cares for our data center.” -IT Manager in a data management services company.
  • "We rely on the HPE Datacenter Care team to ensure improved planning so we can mitigate risk and get ahead of issues before they happen. HPE Datacenter Care processes help provide rapid response and resolution to IT issues, which gives us peace of mind.” -IT Manager for an agricultural cooperative.
  • We rely on HPE Datacenter Care to provide critical hardware support for our most important services.-System Administrator with an agricultural supply organization.
  • We think this is the best possible support for our environment. -IT manager at an enterprise banking company.

For good measure, I’ll throw in a customer report from a different source; the data on the image below was supplied directly to HPE by an HPE Datacenter Care customer. Let me draw your attention to the reduced time spent on incident management, managing vendors, and investigating problems. Imagine what you could do with that additional time to expand IT’s strategic value.Datacenter outcomes.png

Choose the support experience that fits your needs

Companies vary widely in the level of support they’re seeking. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with the three offerings in our HPE Operational Services portfolio:

HPE Foundation Care Service. This is a popular choice among customers who have a single system or a small environment that may not be business critical, and who want a proven partner for support and advice. HPE Foundation Care offers flexible SLAs including 24x7, Next Business Day and 6 Hour Call to Repair. You can rely on HPE’s world-class supply chain, extensive suite of IP, deep knowledge of infrastructure, and the expertise of our specialists all around the world to solve issues quickly and minimize downtime.

HPE Proactive Care Service. This is the solution to choose if you’re running more complex systems or solutions and you need proactive insights and recommendations. In addition to all the advantages of HPE Foundation Care and enhanced reactive features, HPE Proactive Care enables you to identify and eliminate potential issues before they can disrupt your operations.

HPE Datacenter Care Service. As I mentioned, this is our most comprehensive offering. It delivers proactive support through a dedicated team of HPE Pointnext experts as well as prioritized access to reactive support. It’s the ideal choice for businesses that want the scope of service to cover their entire IT environment, both on- and off-premises, and non-HPE as well as HPE products.

Operational Services infographic.png

Click on the infographic to learn more about HPE Operational Services and how we can help you free up time to drive essential business priorities. 





About the Author: Gerry Nolan.jpgGerry Nolan is a Worldwide Senior Director for HPE Pointnext Support Services. In this role his goal is to enable HPE’s customer support experience, which in turn drives their business outcomes and enables their digital transformation journey.

Gerry brings to his position a well-established background in information technology and professional services, where he has worked for over 30 years. Prior to taking on his current role he held other positions in HPE including leadership for HPE’s Hyperscale Support Services, HPE’s Mission Critical Services business and HPE’s Customer Technical Training business.

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