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On-Prem, Open-Source Based Database in a Pay-Per-Use Package: HPE GreenLake Database w/ EDB Postgres

We most likely will be upending anyone’s world-view if we make the claim that database spend is a big slice of

IT’s overall costs, and one that many businesses would love to shrink. Thirty to thirty-five percent is the figure you hear bandied about. Like any other denizens of the tech ecosphere, database vendors have seen their share of competitive disruption and price pressures over the long history (in IT years, anyway) of the RDBMS. But database costs have remained a durable and distinctive feature of most IT operations.

Rethink your database strategy for results

HPE20161102013_800_0_72_RGB.jpgThat’s changing, with the increasing adoption by enterprises of open source database management systems like PostgreSQL (aka, for simplicity, Postgres). As these solutions have approached parity with proprietary platforms in terms of performance and functionality, they’ve received a warm welcome from businesses looking to roll back database costs and ease vendor lock-in.

But while the opportunities to achieve those goals are very real, database transformation is a big-ticket project, with costs running easily into the millions in many cases. Not all organizations have that kind of cash lying around for an upfront investment. Which is why some companies are throwing enquiring glances at the public cloud. By and large, though, businesses haven’t been particularly enthusiastic about handing off core data management workloads to the cloud, for various and cogent reasons. Data sovereignty is often a concern. You may want to keep sensitive data or private customer-related information on-prem. You may want to avoid the licensing issues that might arise, for example, when you do dev ops in the cloud and then move your apps back to a production environment.

HPE Pointnext is now offering a solution that cuts through the whole knot of challenges around database transformation – the data migration hurdles, the on-prem vs on-demand choice, the services and support questions, the risk management issues, and all the rest. It’s called HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres. We’ve teamed up with EnterpriseDB, the leading database platform company for digital business, to offer the EDB Postgres Platform as an HPE GreenLake consumption-based solution.

EDB Postgres delivers all the power of PostgreSQL, but it adds an array of enhancements that provide interoperability, flexibility, and greater control for enterprise users. It offers enterprise-class performance, security, manageability and developer features, as well as compatibility with Oracle. It manages both structured and unstructured data. According to a recent IDC white paper The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions, it can deliver a 42 percent reduction in three-year cost of operations; a four-month payback period; and a three-year ROI of 168 percent.

HPE GreenLake’s outcome-based IT consumption model gives you the benefits of on-premises infrastructure with the flexibility and convenience of the cloud. It’s a complete, built-for-purpose solution that includes HPE hardware optimized for database performance; EDB Postgres software; and services from HPE Pointnext experts to design, implement, and operate the solution. Even better, it’s all tied into a single pay-per-use metric for simplified billing. With HPE GreenLake with EDB Postgres, you get:

Faster time to value.

image_HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres.pngBecause it’s a complete, integrated solution, HPE GreenLake with EDB Postgres is quick to implement. HPE’s tested application and data migration technologies accelerate the journey and mitigate the risks. You have HPE by your side from the get-go, sharing your deep commitment to making the project succeed. And you can easily add on to the solution as you start to see results.

Flexible economics.

HPE’s cloud-like, pay-per-use model lets you sidestep the usual heavy upfront expenditures for on-prem database upgrades. You pay only for the compute, storage and software that you’re actually using. According to HPE internal research, HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres can reduce your database software TCO by as much as 70 percent.

Another thing to think about: Database footprints are exploding these days, and that’s only going to continue. HPE GreenLake provides a buffer of hardware resources so you can plan ahead and manage that growth in a more proactive and controlled fashion.

Simplified IT. Because we operate and support the solution for you, your admins don’t have to spend time and effort on the nuts-and-bolts of keeping it running; they can turn their attention to tasks that can have the biggest impact on the business.

HPE GreenLake with EDB Postgres provides the enterprise-grade reliability, availability and scalability you need for your databases, up to and including your most demanding mission-critical workloads – the kind that you might want to run on, for example, HPE Integrity NonStop fault tolerant solutions or an HPE Superdome Flex Server. It has natural synergies with HPE GreenLake Big Data and HPE GreenLake Backup, and pairs well with those solutions. HPE GreenLake with EDB Postgres delivers capabilities that can have a profound impact on companies’ digital transformation and make database costs a much less obtrusive feature of the IT landscape.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake on-premises, pay-per-use solutions here.

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 John Gunther, HPE Pointnext Multivendor Portfolio Manager: John has spent more than 10 years developing support services to assist customers with the regular operation, maintenance, and management of their IT environments. Prior to involvement with HPE Multivendor Services, he was a Business Management and Planning Manager for the Customer Support Center team.




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 Daniel Williams, EnterpriseDB, HPE WW Strategic Partner Director: Daniel is responsible for the end to end alignment between both organisations, from contracting, to operations, to sales execution which includes other WW key strategic partnerships to help drive new initiatives or outcomes. He has been working in the Tech and Software market space for the past 10 years with many key strategic partnerships in EMEA and WW, his last 3 years tenure has also been at his first open source based company EnterpriseDB.

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