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High performance computing solutions are cost effective, and they’re used in almost every industry. HPC is attracting the attention of businesses, government agencies and research institutions for use cases ranging from AI-enhanced fraud detection to smart manufacturing to pharmaceuticals design. But super-compute deployments may still be a financial stretch for many organizations. Understandably, decision-makers tend to focus on maximizing and optimizing the compute power for the available budget. As a result, the support services experience doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, and often ends up being funded at a lower, very basic level.

But relying on generic support services and warranty coverage for these massive, incredibly sophisticated installations is not a good way to go. It’s a bit like relying on a corner garage to keep a race car running at maximum performance. For sure, lots of standard automotive shops are really good at what they do. But you wouldn’t want to take your Formula 1 racecar there.

It’s true that an enterprise HPC solution doesn’t necessarily have to track to the kind of mission-critical SLAs that you see with other business deployments. But minimizing unplanned outages is every bit as important, or more so, when you’re dealing with massive computational loads and/or relying on the infrastructure to deliver results in real-time. When these systems go down, productivity and business outcomes are significantly impacted. Not all HPC nodes are created equal; with compute nodes, built-in redundancy means you have a little more time to bring them back up if something goes wrong. In contrast, management nodes need to be brought back online as quickly as possible.

Just like a top-tier race car, HPC calls for a support team with deep knowledge of the solution – a team that sees it as more than just an assembly of components, and understands the wider context of the outcomes it’s designed to achieve. A supercomputing deployment also requires careful attention to keep it finely tuned and running at peak performance. Not every organization can build that kind of team with in-house resources. And even those that can are often hesitant to tie up talent that might be better directed towards strategy and innovation.

A winning team to augment your HPC expertise

HPE Pointnext advisory, design, implementation, management and support services deliver a tailored experience to meet HPC customers’ needs for their systems, as well as software to help maximize uptime and optimize performance. We enable our customers to focus on delivering business outcomes, development, and innovation.

HPE Operational Support Services give you the support experience you need to meet your IT and business requirements through HPE Foundation Care, which fixes problems when they occur, and HPE Proactive Care, which gives you an enhanced call experience to get problems resolved rapidly, and also helps reduce outages.   

We also offer a personalized, tailored experience through HPE Datacenter Care for complex HPC deployments, enabling you to:

Optimize day-to-day operations. We deploy a wide range of proactive and predictive tools to help you automate routine, consuming tasks. Your assigned HPE support team, led by your HPE Account Support Manager (ASM), covers a range of proactive tasks such as health checks; performance assessments; and firmware and software update analysis, recommendation and implementation. Through close collaboration with your teams, your HPE experts develop an in-depth understanding not only of your organization’s infrastructure, but its overarching goals. That provides a level of continuity and personalized service that can’t be matched by reactive support service models.

It also takes much of the day-to-day operational burden off of your teams’ shoulders. Our goal is to free up your IT staff to focus on delivering business outcomes, new services, and innovation to support organizational priorities.     

Integrate support across technologies and access deep expertise when you need it. You’re working with one partner with all of the capabilities and expertise to help you manage many different technologies, both on- and off-prem.  HPE Datacenter Care provides rapid escalation and incident resolution, including an enhanced call experience delivered by the HPC Solution Support Team, who understand IT at scale and all of the components of your solution.   

HPE Pointnext Services Market Leadership 

HPE Pointnext Services is positioned as a leader in 2019 IDC MarketScape for worldwide support services:



Full-throttle HPC with HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake gives you the high performance computing infrastructure you need, on-premises, on-demand, and on your terms.

Additionally, HPE GreenLake reduces risk of running out of capacity or wasting money by overprovisioning. It enables tech refresh within the scope and lifetime of the contract through SLAs which are delivered by underlying technology, and which HPE will keep current and support through HPE Datacenter Care.    

 To learn more about HPE Pointnext Services for HPC, meet our experts at the HPE Pointnext stand and HPE GreenLake demos at SC19, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, coming up Nov 17-22 in Denver.                     

For more insights on how HPE Pointnext Services you HPE ASM make a difference, check out the video below:

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Mike Kerr is the Worldwide Director for the HPE Pointnext Operational Services Portfolio covering High Performance Computing and Converged Systems Business Unit products. His responsibilities include defining and executing the overall product management strategy, developing new service capabilities and enabling the end to end value chain from portfolio to delivery. This activity enables HPE Pointnext Services to deliver the optimal IT experience and to support High Performance Computing and Mission Critical server customers achieve their business outcome objectives.