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Safely reopen your business and accelerate recovery: HPE unveils 5 new return-to-work solutions

Big news from HPE Discover Virtual Experience: 5 breakthrough solutions to help you resume operations while protecting employee health and safety in the workplace.

HPE Pointnext Services Return to Work Solutions.png“IoT solutions are about to become the underlying fabric for how we bring our society and our economy back to life.” That quote is from Saadat Malik, our VP for IoT and Intelligent Edge Services, in a recent post to this blog (Why IoT practitioners are going to lead the way to the new normal).

It’s already happening. At HPE Discover Virtual Experience last week, HPE announced 5 new return-to-work solutions to help businesses enable business continuity and protect employees’ health and safety in the workplace. The new offerings will be implemented and managed by HPE Pointnext Services and use a blend of HPE hardware and software – including IoT technologies – as well as solutions from our partner ecosystem:

  • Social distance tracing and tracking: Helps employees monitor and implement social distancing guidelines, for example by alerting them if they’re too close to each other for an extended period of time.
  • Touchless entry: Enables employees to securely enter a location without the need to touch door handles and other points of entry. The solution uses facial recognition for contactless access, multi-factor access control, and identity verification.
  • Fever detection: Uses thermal cameras, machine learning and video analytics to detect elevated body temperatures so you can proactively alert employees and staff and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and visual remote guidance: Provides remote expert assistance through AR. The HPE Visual Remote Guidance solution enables on-site employees and remote workers to collaborate, for example to undertake complex maintenance operations.
  • Workplace alerts and information sharing: Enables employees to share workplace information and push location-specific alerts, using apps and dashboards.

For more on our new return-to-work solutions, see our press release. Check out this infographic for an at-a-glance overview: Helping Businesses Return to Work.

When it comes to helping companies transition from crisis management to the new normal, HPE literally wrote the book – well, the e-book – it’s called The New IT Playbook: From Recovery to Resurgence. It features HPE’s comprehensive framework for shaping the response to the crisis: 9 Steps to the New Normal. It’s packed with practical advice, best practices and real-world examples of how companies can navigate an uncharted environment, drive their return to growth, and harness technology to accelerate in the new normal.

Learn how HPE is helping customers and communities combat COVID-19.

Learn more about HPE IT consultation services.

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HPE Pointnext Services Marketing Director
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