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Share your HPE Digital Certification Badges with the HPE Community


All earners of HPE Digital Badges and Certifications may share their achievements within the HPE Community by enabling the correct privacy settings within the Community profile.

HPE Digital Badge ProgramHPE Digital Badge Program

If you wish to have your HPE Digital Badges and Certifications viewable in your own profile (this will display your real name), follow the steps below:

  1. Enable your HPE badges for sharing via the Acclaim web site
  2. Login to the HPE Community and click on you name and select My Preferences under the My Community section
  3. Click on PREFERENCES (in all caps in the middle section of the screen)
  4. Click on Privacy and scroll down to Show HPE Training & Certification badges to select your sharing option


To see how badges are displayed to others within the HPE Community please check out my profile by clicking on ED-BURKE


To see all of the available HPE badges and certifications available visit HPE on the Acclaim by Credly web site. 

To see the latest available badges available from HPE Education Services with training requirements please visit 


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