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Supercomputing just got way more accessible. Time to plug it into your digital transformation?

High performance computing can tackle companies’ biggest questions, but it remains beyond the reach of many businesses. That’s where HPE GreenLake’s self-service, pay-per-use model comes in.

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When you think about the biggest successes of high-performance computing (HPC), what likely comes to mind are massive projects in government and academic research, like the work done by the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium to help researchers fight the virus and identify new therapies.1 In the business arena, you might think of the enormous compute power that goes into creating animated movies or designing complex new products like autonomous vehicles.

You might be less familiar, though, with the successes that many businesses are achieving by leveraging HPC for specific business outcomes.

In recent years, as the cost of supercomputing has declined, companies have applied HPC to a huge range of use cases, from enterprise resource planning, to fraud detection, to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Yet HPC remains out of reach for many organizations’ transformation programs, and not only because of constraints on capital expenditures. HPC workloads are far from ideal for the public cloud. The data sets are vast and often sensitive or subject to rigorous data sovereignty constraints. Latency is a challenge. And companies often lack the in-house expertise to manage HPC infrastructure.

A supercomputer for every data center

The key to unlocking the tremendous power of supercomputing for digital transformation is a consumption-based approach. Companies need a way to tap into HPC infrastructure without the delays and inefficiencies of big upfront investments – one that enables them to pay based on the capacity they use. They need a solution that’s installed in their own environment, whether that’s a data center or a colocation facility, and managed for them by experts.

That’s exactly what HPE GreenLake for High Performance Computing delivers. Last month HPE announced new cloud services for HPC that bundle the core components of a solution (software, storage and networking) in easy-to-consume, “t-shirt sized” building blocks – small, medium and large – to fit your workload needs. I like how Peter Ungaro, our SVP and GM for HPC and Mission Critical Computing, summed up the new offerings: “These HPC cloud services enable any enterprise to access the most powerful HPC and AI capabilities and unlock greater insights that will power their ability to advance critical research and achieve bold customer outcomes.”

With HPE GreenLake, you’ll be able to harness HPE’s extensive HPC portfolio for your digital transformation. We can deliver a supercomputer of any size, for every data center – as a service. We will initially offer the new services based on HPE Apollo Systems, together with purpose-built storage and networking technologies designed for modeling and simulation workloads. And we’re planning to offer all of our HPC portfolio in HPE GreenLake’s self-service, pay-per-use model in the future.

The new services are an exciting addition to our offerings, but there’s no need to wait if you want to get started on plugging HPC into your digital transformation. We’ve got you covered with HPE GreenLake for HPC – right now, today – in our standard consumption offer, including self-serve capabilities to access HPC resources.

HPC can power up your transformation in all kinds of ways – my colleague Sri Raghavan and I describe some of them in a recent video. Click on the image below to watch the video at our Discover More Network page and learn:

  • How enterprises are using HPC to unlock new insights from their data
  • What’s holding some businesses back, and how HPE GreenLake offers a way forward
  • What features to look for in a supercomputing solution
  • How HPE’s deep expertise in data and HPC helps you build the solution, and how we manage it for you.

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For more on HPE GreenLake for High Performance Computing, see Peter Ungaro’s session, starting around 8:00, in the video below. It’s from HPE GreenLake day, our recent online event where we featured HPE GreenLake’s ability to run even your most demanding workloads. I’d recommend watching the whole video; it’s well worth your time.

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1. See, for example, this Nextgov article: COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium Shifts focus to patient outcomes. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a member of the Consortium.

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