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Take That Risk Off Your Shoulders: How HPE GreenLake Reshapes the Vendor-Customer Dynamic

It’s one of those ideas that might seem a bit odd the first time you come across it, but once you get your mind around it, it’s blindingly brilliant. Before long it seems perfectly natural, and you wonder how you ever got along without it. I’m talking about HPE GreenLake, our unique portfolio of on-premises, consumption-based solutions for your top workloads, including big data, databases, SAP HANA and more. HPE GreenLake is both on-prem and on-demand. As Craig Routledge described it in this post, HPE GreenLake is “a pool of integrated infrastructure resources – compute, storage, networking, software, whatever fits your needs – that’s owned by HPE, but resides at your location. You can tap into that local buffer of IT resources as you need it, and pay only for the capacity you use.”

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Earlier this year we ran a series of blogs that looked at the benefits of this innovative infrastructure approach from HPE Pointnext (see the list at the end of this post). We talked about how it’s changing the ways companies operate by enabling them to combine the secure data control of traditional IT with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. In this blog, I’ll explore a benefit that’s no less far-reaching for businesses and groundbreaking for the industry at large. HPE GreenLake reduces the burden of risk and complexity for companies by shifting responsibilities to the solution provider – to HPE. By doing so, it opens the door to a whole new kind of vendor-customer relationship, one that’s much more flexible and better targeted to business outcomes.

4 reasons why the IT buyer-supplier dynamic must change

In a recent HPE webinar, J.B. Wood, President and CEO of research and advisory firm TSIA, described four reasons why companies are demanding more from their vendors in today’s cloud-enabled world (you can catch a rerun of the webinar here – Consumption-based IT on Your Terms

  1. Complexity vexation. In the past, IT vendors didn’t do enough to make the value of their products easy to unlock. IT deployments, whether hardware or software, were expected to be difficult and complex. IT accepted its role as a kind of general contractor, responsible for coordinating and optimizing the implementation. But in today’s consumption-based environments, IT departments increasingly reject complexity because it impedes action. They’re looking for faster time-to-value.
  2. The comfort of conformity. While RFPs still have their place, and any company will need some IT that’s unique to its specific business and market position, there’s a growing realization that customization is not always a good thing. Companies are more willing to accept that, let’s say, 85 percent of what they do can be captured by best practices, and that they should apply custom solutions for just the remaining 15 percent. They want to know what’s working for others, and they want to see best practices incorporated into the solutions.
  3. Operations considerations. Traditionally, the vendor’s responsibility ended with the sale of the product, given that all went well and it performed as expected. Support services might be added to cover break/fix as needed. In a hybrid IT world, though, cloud providers can take on the burden of owning, operating and maintaining the infrastructure, and they can often do so at lower cost. To compete, suppliers must offer a wider range of services that meet buyers’ rising expectations.
  4. The need to figure out outcomes. Companies are putting a lot of effort into finding ways to measure supplier performance. It’s not enough anymore to show that a solution works without too many glitches, and that it performs well. Decision-makers are looking for demonstrated business improvements and financial gains. They want to know the impact on the income statements, for either revenue or costs. If they don’t see those outcomes, IT investments can wait.

How HPE GreenLake fits the bill

M_Branded_Lake_7 small 300x200.jpgHPE GreenLake lightens the burden of complexity by providing streamlined, cloud-like accessibility to IT resources on a single invoice. At the hardware level, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity provides the assets you need in a metered, pay-per-use, on-premises stack. Our consumption solutions tap into that resource pool as needed to deliver fast time-to-value, bypassing the usual long implementation times (see all of our workload solutions here.)

These are turnkey, fully designed and integrated solutions that incorporate HPE’s long experience and best practices, minimizing the need for customization. If you need to build a forex trading desk, for example, or a high-performance compute platform for healthcare research, we know what’s involved – we’ve done that before. And if you do need extensive customization, we can do that too.

HPE GreenLake solutions include remote monitoring and management services from HPE Pointnext, enabling you to offload routine management tasks and hugely simplify operations. And HPE GreenLake’s unified, consumption-based billing gives you direct insight into usage and helps you gauge outcomes.

Your success is ours

As companies press their suppliers to engage more deeply with outcomes and shoulder more risk, the relationship changes on the vendors’ side, too. It’s no longer enough to talk about what kind of systems the customer needs, what kind of speeds and feeds. After all, if you’re taking on more risk, you’re going to want to ask more probing questions. What exactly is the customer trying to achieve with the project? What are the business goals? The financial goals? What’s the company’s competitive position?

As we’ve developed the HPE GreenLake family of products, we’ve trained our teams ask the right questions. It’s vital – in our own interest! – that we make sure that HPE GreenLake is a good fit for your business. It all makes for broader, more intense, and sometimes tenser, customer conversations. But the payoff is big in terms of closer collaboration, rapid results, and long-term rewards. Your success is ours.

We’ll be announcing some important HPE GreenLake news at HPE Discover ….

Meet us in Vegas

Want to learn more, in person? At HPE Discover, we’ll be discussing this topic Wednesday, June 20th from 9-10am in session SL5241 titled: “Got IT consumption? How to build agility and speed while removing undifferentiated heavy lifting.” Join Ana Pinczuk, SVP of HPE Pointnext, Irv Rothman, President of HPE Financial Services, Archana Deskus, HPE CIO, and leaders from HPE clients as they discuss their experiences and best practices in consuming IT. You can always find HPE Pointnext in the transformation zone, and visit Demo604: “HPE GreenLake: Consumption-based IT” to talk to one of our expers about the new additions to the HPE GreenLake family.

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