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The CIO’s As-a-Service Playbook: Deliver business value in 6 moves

For CIOs who want to build a faster, more unified, more maneuverable kind of IT, the consumption-based model could be their best ally. Here’s a quick guide to making it work.

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In the past decade or so, CIOs have seen their roles evolve from cost center manager to services broker to digital transformation lead and even revenue generator. But for many, the journey is incomplete. The engine of change is the ability to deliver highly visible business value, and IT chiefs often find themselves too deep in the operational trenches to achieve it.

Their best ally may be the consumption-based approach to IT. Things have been moving fast in the as-a-service space, with its rapid expansion from software-as-a-service solutions and public cloud to encompass the entire IT stack, from the datacenter to the edge. To help CIOs explore the possibilities, we’ve put together The CIO’s As-a-Service Playbook. We describe six straightforward plays that lead to business value:

1. Learn the concepts. Here’s a quick refresher on the drivers behind the growth of as-a-service and its evolution to include on-premises infrastructure, co-located data centers, edge deployments, and multi-clouds. We explain how a pay-per-use approach removes complexity, speeds business outcomes and eliminates inefficiencies such as overprovisioning.

2. Make your business case. A closer look at the most common value propositions: cost optimization, for example by paying only for capacity that is actually used; agility, with ability to scale on-demand enabling faster time to market; and more strategic work as the as-a-service solution frees up staffers from routine tasks.

3. Master the language. A look at important terms and concepts in the as-a-service space, from buffering capacity, to metering technology, to units of measure.

4. Present the solution. We introduce HPE GreenLake, our pay-per-use cloud experience that’s easy to scale up or down and managed for you by HPE so you can focus on your business. The Playbook explains three ways that HPE GreenLake helps you accelerate business outcomes: through application modernization, data transformation, and self-service delivery.

5. Answer any questions. This is a collection of FAQs and key takeaways on HPE GreenLake. Here’s where you’ll find answers to questions like: In an on-prem, pay-per-use model, who maintains the infrastructure? How does usage metering work? How do you figure out your initial capacity needs?

6. Visualize and prove ROI. This section delves into HPE GreenLake Central, our self-service platform that enables you to manage your entire hybrid IT estate from a single intuitive dashboard. We show how HPE GreenLake Central delivers insights into your security and compliance posture, capacity usage trends, and cloud services spend.

If you’re an IT leader who’s looking to build a faster, more unified, more maneuverable kind of IT – and perhaps free up some time to advance your own strategic role in the process – the Playbook is a great place to start. Here’s the link again: the CIO's As-a-Service Playbook.

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Tammie Aron
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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I am the director of marketing for HPE GreenLake and have had the opportunity to work with many HPE experts and colleagues on our as a Service offerings.