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The Value of Simulations to Enhance Workforce Performance

By Roc Paez

Senior ITSM Consultant at HPE

Are you looking to improve collaboration and communication among your IT staff? To regenerate their enthusiasm for their jobs and to deliver quality work!?  Do you want to give your teams an experience of creating and witnessing a fully functional, mature, IT Service Management model in a hands-on, collaborative environment?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider the award-winning HPE Education Services learning simulations.  

As instructors of technology courses, we are always looking for better ways to engage and improve student retention. Statistics show that people retain 10% of what they read, but remember 75% of what they do. We have consistently and repeatedly observed that simulations improve the retention of key concepts and enhance the overall learning experience.simulation picture (cropped).jpg

Simulations provide experiential learning in a low-cost, risk-free, no judgement zone.  They are the perfect environment to encourage creativity, engagement and innovation.

First rounds in the simulation tend to be a huge learning experience.  Students are provided a challenging situation along with direction from the facilitator. They then provide the best possible solution. After each round, the facilitator obtains feedback from the participants and provides guidance to encourage improvements for the next round. Mistakes from each round lead to collaboration and success for future rounds.

We know that people generally learn more from failure than they do from success, and that failures ultimately lead to a more productive and stable environment. Strategize, execute, review, improve, repeat! In our agile, rapidly changing world of technology, ‘failing fast and failing forward’ is a proven credo.

As our participants work through the rounds, they are moving from data and information acquisition to knowledge application and retention.  Participants are willing to try new ways of resolving issues and they buy in to the solutions. The passion from the participants is witnessed by watching their eyes, faces and body language. Collaboration and empathy are demonstrated as students innovate/learn/grow and move up the leaderboard. And everyone has fun! Simulations move from a passive teacher-centered environment to an active student-centered experience.    

HPE Education Services provides facilitated simulations in Service Management, DevOps, Cloud and Project Management.  Let HPE deliver an onsite simulation for your organization and prove the difference it makes in your team’s ability to apply/implement desired concepts, to collaborate and to innovate.

Learn more about the HPE Race to Results ITSM Simulation or the HPE Cloud Simulation.

About the Author:

Roc has worked in the IT industry for 34 years, performing a variety of roles, including service desk analyst, server and network administrator, technical instructor, education portfolio manager, business developer, and IT Service Management instructor/consultant.  Roc consistently receives compliments and accolades from his customers and multiple requests for repeat deliveries.


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