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The unstoppable rise of Everything as a Service – and why it matters for your business

 A new report from Futurum Research lays out the rock-solid rationale behind a new kind of IT delivery.

In the past couple of years, enterprise IT strategies have largely settled into the hybrid cloud consensus. But even as that was happening, the hybrid model itself was starting to morph, with the rise of as-a-service IT. The pay-as-you-go wave opened up exciting new options for companies looking for a cloud-like experience with their on-premises infrastructure.

HPE GreenLake , our breakthrough consumption-based IT offering, has been leading that surge. Things are moving fast, and HPE’s foot won’t be coming off the gas pedal any time soon. In June last year, our CEO Antonio Neri announced that by 2022 HPE will be a consumption-driven company; everything we deliver will be available as a service. He described the move as one that would “define the next chapter for the IT industry.” (See my post Defining the next chapter for the IT industry: On-premises IT as a Service).

If you’re interested in the cliff-notes version of what that chapter might look like and – most important – what it means for your business, let me point you towards a new report from Futurum Research: Why Everything-as-a-Service? Why HPE? Author Daniel Newman, the firm’s founding partner and principal analyst, puts it like this: “Within the IT department the need to respond to the new line of business-driven requirements and the overall business landscape has reached a crescendo. IT departments need to consume infrastructure rather than procure; manage rather than administer; and finally control rather than support the IT provisioning for their business.”

The paper is a quick read, and a thought-provoking one – well worth your time to learn:

  • How consumption-based approaches support and accelerate DevOps and digital transformation
  • Why the demand for a better customer experience is front and center in as-a-service initiatives
  • Why accurate metering capabilities are essential for consumption-based solutions
  • Why HPE is the right partner for companies moving towards as-a-service IT in hybrid environments.

The latest in HPE GreenLake – a quick catch-up

As I mentioned, things are moving fast in the world of HPE GreenLake. Once you’ve scrolled through the Futurum report, you might be interested in a look at the latest developments. So here’s a quick catch-up. Last year, we announced solutions that make HPE GreenLake’s benefits easily accessible for midsize companies, and via colocation facilities. We also announced VMware Cloud Foundation as a Service, fusing VM’s integrated software stack with HPE Synergy software-defined solutions in a pay-as-you-go model.

And then, just a few weeks ago, we unveiled HPE GreenLake Central, an advanced software platform that gives you a cloud experience for all of your applications and data. It provides a single operational console that enables you to easily run and manage your entire hybrid IT estate.

Keep an eye on this blog, we’ll keep you posted on all the latest Everything-as-a-Service innovations.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud and how it brings the cloud experience to your apps and data, wherever they live.

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