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What any tech, any time, anywhere means for your IT asset lifecycle and Digital Transformation

Adaptability to unforeseen challenges and fast-paced change distinguishes profitable businesses from those that don’t last. To remain competitive, businesses need to be quick to make financially and sustainably sound decisions by taking advantage of the resources readily available and insights to global trends. Currently a growing trend for asset reuse is expanding the way business has been done in years past. It is estimated that 65% of global GDP will be digitalized by 2022, driving $6.8 trillion of IT spending from 2020 to 2023.[1] 

Businesses need a partner to help accelerate their digital transformation while ensuring IT sustainability.Businesses need a partner to help accelerate their digital transformation while ensuring IT sustainability.However, even when planning around global trends, unexpected obstacles can arise that have the potential to halt your operations.  Examples abound, such as when Nationwide Building Society – the second largest mortgage provider in the U.K. – needed a fast solution for handling decommissioned tech from a workforce that moved from on-site to home office – in a sustainable manner. A large, global management and technology consultancy was on the search for a creative investment strategy to fund their IT renovation project, as well as a partner to  process  end-of-life assets in an environmentally friendly way.

While change is constant, the type of change facing businesses is not. That’s why HPE Financial Services understands that it’s important to focus on solutions that can alleviate today’s problems, while staying aligned to your longer-term business goals.  At the same time, you need innovative, sustainable strategies which place a premium on reuse over recycle.

For Nationwide Building Society, a new asset upcycling program was deployed, which processed their diverse asset brands from the thousands of employees who were now working from home. All assets were processed by technicians at one of HPEFS’ global renewal centers, which ensured all customer data was handled properly, while meeting sustainability goals. For the consulting firm, asset upcycling  retired assets sustainably across multiple regions. This included secure, end-to-end logistics, serialized asset tracking and testing, and the environmentally sustainable removal of IT assets.

Businesses need a partner to help accelerate their digital transformation while leveraging their technology in a sustainable way. Having an Any Tech, Any Time, Anywhere partner offers a more flexible, sustainable, and resilient model. Knowing that your underutilized or end-of-use tech will not only be repurposed in a sustainable matter but also will invest capital back into your IT aligns your tech assets and business objectives. Also, by shifting owned technology to an as-a-service model you can be sure to be ahead of the game, while enjoying a more flexible and sustainable work model. Partnering with a company for challenge-driven innovation is one way to safeguard your business from anything that comes its way.


[1] Source: IDC FutureScape: WW IT Industry 2021 Predictions October 2020, #US46942020

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