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When it comes to Digital Experiences, be a cat

Author: Ewelina Starzyk -Marketing Technologies and Digital Platforms Manager, HPE Financial Services

No longer considered a value-add, robust digital tools make the cream rise to the top for IT financing solution and partnerships.

One of the advantages of the last year and working from home, has been seeing my colleagues’ pets and sharing my own cat stories. Ricciardo is a larger gentleman who can be quite needy at times. He has no issue walking in front of my camera during a video call. Fernando is a little more on the shy side. It’s not unusual to hear him prowling about at 3am for a snack or playing with his catnip toy. Spending this time alone with them, I have learned some interesting things. One of these things is that cats know what they like and how they like it. So when the large case of cat food I ordered online arrived (in two days), we were all disappointed that they had sent the wrong flavor. (Shrimp is a definite no-no for my cats!). But, through the grace of technology, I was able to return the parcel, without leaving my apartment, all through my mobile app.

HPEFS digital tools empower the new business landscapeHPEFS digital tools empower the new business landscapeIt is no longer about what can be delivered and where as these kinds of considerations are taken for granted. Now our expectations move towards digital experiences and availability of choices in terms of how you pay, send, track, pick-up, and return.

Like a cat, on my terms and in my own way.

It’s these types of digital experiences in our personal lives that drive our behavior and expectations in business. After all, why should we not expect, have and/or deliver the same seamless, no-touch digital experience in our business-to-business relationships? 

Digital tools and enablement capabilities that may have been categorized as a value-add service just a short year ago are now true game-changers. Those who are farther along in their digital transformation have a definitive competitive advantage.  Future success depends not only on IT products and solutions and their features, but more and more on digital capabilities that unlock and shape new digital experiences, and operating models for customers, partners and internal teams alike.

The new digital norm raises the bar and multiplies expectations in such areas as:

  • Accessibility of information: real-time, intuitive and simple interfaces
  • Operational efficiency: digitized, personalized, automated and flexible processes
  • Support in strategic decisions: data-driven, timely, resulting in cost-saving and meeting sustainability goals

This is where the HPE Financial Services digital solutions - HPE Technomics - comes into play to enable a fully connected digital experiences.

What does it mean to our customers and partners?

  • Convenience in accessing business information, either via external platforms developed by HPEFS, or internally via their own systems and tools of choice
  • Greater control and self-serve options that can be leverage any time, 24/7
  • Faster business processes, now delivered in a fully automated digital fashion, from quoting thru contracting and invoicing, to providing customer and partner support
  • Time saving and increased turn-around-time thanks to paperless ways of doing business
  • Transparency and accuracy of information that drives data-based, timely decisions and cost-savings

Last but not least, close partnership and guidance where the digital tools and capabilities are driven by a thorough understanding of the customer’s and partner’s priorities.

This is where our efforts go. At HPEFS, it is essential to our mission to make it easy to do business with us and, as IT Asset Economics partners and trusted advisors, to create long-lasting fruitful collaboration.

Take a cue from our cats – they know what they want, and they don’t settle for less. All of our experiences should be like that. HPEFS is fully committed to delivering these to our partners and customers.

We look forward to introducing you to more details. Stay tuned, check our website, and tell your cats I say Hi!

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