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Worry-free IT Ops: How HPE makes the hard stuff look easy

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of watching the New York City Marathon. I was streetside while the leaders glided by – at a sub-5:00min/mile pace! As a keen runner myself (albeit one who didn’t have a marathon in him this year), I can attest that a SINGLE five-minute-mile is something of an accomplishment. So 26 of them in a row – and then the 0.2 mile sprint for the line – yes, that’s a big deal!

What struck me most was not simply the raw speed, but the apparent effortlessness of the leaders – elite competitors who, through the application of hard work and considerable talent, make almost superhuman feats look easy.

I was reflecting on this as I read the newly-released IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Support Services 2019 Vendor Assessment (doc #US45595819, October 2019), which places HPE as a leader.

The IT industry has changed, and with it the requirements for support services. CIOs want to focus on moving their businesses forward, not just on keeping IT running smoothly. They’ve made the easy moves to public cloud, and they’re adopting a hybrid approach to maintain visibility and control as their IT landscapes move from being data centers to being “centers of data.” They want the cloud experience across all IT – from core to the edge – to accelerate their ability to deliver innovations without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

They want to minimize the time their teams spend “keeping the lights on.” But keeping the lights on in an environment of increasing complexity – from the core, to the (multi) cloud, to the edge – is not a trivial undertaking. And making the experience look easy for the end user … well, that might be almost superhuman!

Which is why I’m incredibly proud of the IDC MarketScape’s recognition of HPE as a leader in this space. It’s a validation of our ability to deliver agile, worry-free IT operations that free up IT teams to spend their time focusing on innovation. Working with HPE Pointnext Services, customers have experienced:(1)

  • 41% reduction in time spent “keeping the lights on”
  • 85% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 27% lower 3-year IT Ops costs

Like the success of those elite runners, this kind of achievement is something that requires a combination of talent and hard work. In HPE’s case, the talent comes from the investments we have made over the years in the expertise of our people, who are the face of HPE to our customers every day. And the hard work comes in the form of the investments we have made in providing an excellent, globally consistent customer experience which sees our customer satisfaction rates in the high-90s.

Delivering excellent IT Operations in a hybrid world demands that many factors come together in the right way, including:

  • proactive and predictive tools to address issues at the speed of cloud
  • a deep understanding of hybrid cloud
  • globally consistent practices to ensure excellence at scale.

The IDC MarketScape recognizes our investments in using AI and digital engagement to improve the customer experience, as well as our commitment to advancing our expertise in hybrid cloud, as critical components of our leader positioning.

Just like those marathon runners, HPE won’t be doing any lap of honor. The hard work never stops. But we’ll keep making the experience easy for our customers!

Learn more about HPE Operational Support Services here.

  • Source: IDC Business Value Snapshot, sponsored by HPE – The business value of HPE Adaptive Management Services, November 2019
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