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Your most demanding workloads – as a service, on-premises. Now that’s a game-changer.

You might be surprised by the heavy-duty workloads that HPE GreenLake’s self-serve, pay-per-use model can handle. Here are a few examples of our cloud services, including the just-announced HPE GreenLake for High-Performance Computing.

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by Tammie Aron, Director of Marketing, HPE GreenLake

Even as the first wave of cloud computing continues to unfold and businesses shift their most portable, ‘low-hanging’ workloads to the public cloud, a second wave is under way – the move to consumption-based IT. Companies are turning to as-a-service models to get the cloud experience of speed, agility and simplicity for workloads that must remain on-premises, for reasons ranging from latency to application dependency to regulatory compliance.

HPE is leading the consumption wave with HPE GreenLake, our self-serve, pay-per-use platform that’s easy to scale up or down and managed for you by HPE. Backed by more than ten years’ experience in delivering IT as a service on-premises, HPE GreenLake today brings the cloud experience to over 1,000 customers in 50-plus countries, enabling them to unlock the full value of their data wherever it resides.

If you haven’t investigated consumption models for a while, you might be surprised at how much they can do. HPE GreenLake can run even your most demanding workloads, whether they’re in your data center, colocation facility, or at the edge. Here are some workloads that might surprise you:

High-performance computing

As the leader in high-performance computing, HPE has always offered a range of ways for customers to leverage HPC – for example, through a CapEx model and (with our partners) a cloud-based managed services solution. Customers can get answers to their toughest questions with HPE infrastructure under our standard HPE GreenLake model – right now, today. And now we’re taking it to the next level with HPE GreenLake for High Performance Compute, announced today at HPE GreenLake Day.

HPE GreenLake for HPC will bring point-and-click simplicity to provisioning for heavy-duty data-crunching systems. Researchers, scientists, and analysts will simply select the defined clusters available to them in our HPE GreenLake Central portal, without putting IT in the middle. They can bypass the usual delays around requesting and setting up capacity.

We will be offering the core HPC components for this self-serve experience – HPE software, storage, servers and interconnect – in easy-to-consume, “t-shirt sized” solution building blocks to fit your workload needs: small, medium and large. With this ‘supercomputing as a service’ solution, we are making high-performance computing accessible to many more businesses, including smaller organizations, and for many more use cases, to accelerate adoption of the technology.

Industry-specific applications

HPE GreenLake cloud services include solutions tailored for key workloads in specific verticals – to take just a few examples:

Healthcare: Giant data sets and stringent regulatory compliance requirements are the norm in this sector. Many healthcare providers struggle to provide the infrastructure to support the next generation of electronic health records (EHR) platforms. HPE has teamed up with Epic, the EHR software leader, to deliver a fully-managed containerized EHR platform-as-a-service. HPE does all the heavy lifting of operating the technology stack, while you consume the service in our pay-per-use model.

HPE GreenLake also offers a range of compute, storage, and networking solutions to meet healthcare organizations’ needs around medical imaging, with its massive, complex data sets and extensive connectivity requirements. We also deliver as-a-service economics to support the massive computing power required for health analytics and genomics research.

Financial Services. Top-of-mind issues for leaders in this vertical include risk management, especially protection against fraud and cyberattacks, and compliance assurance. HPE has collaborated with software and analytics provider Splunk to deliver Kubernetes PaaS for Splunk, a container-based, pay-as-you-go platform that accelerates the ingestion and processing of data to find security threats and meet compliance requirements.

HPE GreenLake also enables financial services organizations to deliver digital services to their customers, with all the speed and agility that their cloud-native competitors enjoy.

Manufacturing. Especially for manufacturers, but for any organization that runs SAP HANA, we offer HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA. HPE brings pay-per-use flexibility to the in-memory database platform that many enterprises rely on for use cases ranging from network monitoring to fraud prevention to financial forecasting. HPE GreenLake provides rigorous availability, security and reliability for your SAP HANA environment with subscription-based, cloud-like economics.

We’re proud to report that SAP recently announced that its SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Customer Edition, is now available in an option with HPE GreenLake infrastructure – the latest achievement in the partnership’s impressive record of innovation.

In addition, manufacturers can transform product design and development by leveraging accelerated model testing with HPE GreenLake for ML Ops. We can help you realize the full value of data analytics with flexible, edge-to-cloud infrastructure that provides insights from the plant floor, supply chain and enterprise data. HPE GreenLake can also support operations optimization with a broad range of cloud services for compute, storage and networking to help you quickly scale production as needed.

Building on a decade of success

In addition to these innovations, we continue to add new capabilities to our managed services portfolio, HPE GreenLake Management Services (GMS). A new solution, HPE GMS – Managed Security, delivers security expertise and experience, simplified processes and tools, and a holistic management solution that enables you to lower costs and free up staff for high-value tasks. Learn how you can lighten your security ops burden with Managed Security from HPE GreenLake Management Services.

With more than a decade of success already under our belt, we’re confident that HPE GreenLake will continue to help leaders build what our CEO, Antonio Neri, has called the “edge-centric, cloud-enabled, data-driven enterprise” – a business that will thrive for decades to come.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake, the cloud that comes to you, at HPE GreenLake Day

Learn more about HPE GreenLake cloud services.

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