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The Future of Cloud [2019] | The Element Podcast presented by HPE | Season 01, Episode 01


This episode originally aired on 9/19/2018 

Welcome to the Element Podcast! This podcast is a project Martina and I started to address the glaring gap between how mainstream media (mis)represents or hypes a new technology, and what business people need to know to take advantage of it. Our hope would be to use the natual interest in a topic like blockchain, for example, and reach out the network of engineers, technologists, CXOs and recognized experts to offer plain-spoken advice and information. The value that we want to add to your business is a starting point - offer some clarity and off you go!

Sometime we do that by bringing a group of experts or consultants in to frame up an issue or industry that most people think they are pretty familiar with - like the cloud - and shine a light on a trend or undercurrent that is emerging. For our first episode, we thought we would start in this familiar place and see what the future of this now-indispensible IT might be.

We reached out to cloud business titans like Robert Christiansen from Cloud Technology Partners, and Garry Thome from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We also brought in another esteemed colleague, Flynn Malloy, to speak to the intersection of cloud technologies and "everything-as-a-service", or consumption-based IT. 

Here are some of the highlights from the conversation, and why we think you will enjoy this first episode of The Element Podcast:


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