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HP Customer Service for Enterprise Customers?

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HP Customer Service for Enterprise Customers?

I am a new AT&T employee in Chicago and need to prepare some Tipping Point IPS for installation on a new enclave AT&T is establishing.  I have serial numbers from the boxes themselves. 


I need the appropriate customer service contact who can resend me documentation on the IPSs and help me get a case started so I can install these boxes in a "fail open" mode.  (They currently are failed closed if installed and powered up.)


Bryan Bowlsbey




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Re: HP Customer Service for Enterprise Customers?

You will need to check the Intrinsic HA settings for the L2FB config on each segment as that will tell the sensor how to behave when power is still applied. Set it to Permit All and if the sensor has any software or hardware issues of traffic spikes where it gets congested, it will still pass traffic but without inspecting it when in Layer 2 Fallback mode.


If you want to use the self service support portal to log a case goto : https://na4.salesforce.com/sserv/login.jsp?orgId=00D3000000002Hh

There is a link on the page for getting an account created for your enterprise which you can request via E-mail and they will setup an account.


Otherwise, here are the Support contacts for Tipping Point:

Support Contacts

HP TippingPoint Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support Contact Information

North America: +1 866 681 8324
International: +1 512 681 8324


Country Phone Number

Australia 1-800-783-933

Bahrain 8000-4391 Brazil 0800-891-4373

China (China Netcom Group) 10-800-711-0740

China (China Telecom South) 10-800-110-0682

Denmark 80-883479

Egypt (inside Cairo) 2510-0200. Once connected, dial 888-214-6584

Egypt (outside Cairo) 02-2510-0200. Once connected, dial 888-214-6584

Finland 0800-9-14767

France 0800-91-4102

Germany 0800-181-0345

Hong Kong 800-96-7415

Hungary 06-800-13-879

India 000-800-100-1134

Ireland 1-800-558-765

Italy 800-788765

Israel 180-941-2705

Japan 0066-33-812695

Malaysia 1-800-815-294

Mexico 001-866-681-8324

New Zealand 0800 852 300

Norway 800-11187

Saudi Arabia 800-844-2882

Singapore 800-130-1799

South Korea 00-308-13-2529

Spain 900-98-1063

Switzerland 0800-89-0204

Taiwan 00801-14-8961

Thailand 001-800-13-203-9972

United Arab Emirates (UAE) 8000-441-3480

United Kingdom 0808-234-1611


HP Enterprise Security Products (ESP) Support: +1 844 260 7219