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HP S200-S UTM appliance - licensing

Michal Doležal
Frequent Advisor

HP S200-S UTM appliance - licensing

Hello, I have a simple problem. We bought for our customer S200-S including additional licences for Content filtering, Antivirus and antispam. Three envelopes was delivered with two codes inside each. But no information where to register and where to download licence file. Old H3C page says that licence must be registered over H3C website, but registration page didn´t respond. On My Networking page is not possible to register this type of licence.

Problem simple, solution may be more problematic.


And second question. It is really impossible to configure this type of device using CLI? I can configure common features using CLI like routing, vlans, ip etc., but advanced features like firewall rules, i cannot configure using CLI only using website. After I configure it on the web, there is no impact on saved configuration in CLI context (*.cfg file on the flash)


Thank you for reply.

Michal Dolezal, DiS.
System engineer

Re: HP S200-S UTM appliance - licensing

Me too have same issue but i got through today i use windows xp PC with interrnet exployer to register licinse i was unable to do so in windows 7 try may be u will resolve it


it nedd to do in web configuration or both only CLI does not give you coplete config