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TippingPoint x505 Password recovery

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TippingPoint x505 Password recovery

Hi everybody.

We have an TippingPoint x505 IPS on our office, and from a week ago, we can't log in into the administration page. This look like the password was changed by someone or it's just got corrupt.

I use the "mkey" tip to try to recover the superuser password, but the x505 just keep booting (i do it in the Loading stage)

Is there another way to recover the SuperUser password in this machine?

Thanks in Advance.


Re: TippingPoint x505 Password recovery

I'm not sure if mkey works on the 505, as I've never tried it.

Was it my comments in this thread that you saw? http://forums.3com.com/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=14&Topic=547

It doesn't always work first time. Then again, if you have tried lots, it may be that it just isn't meant for that device.


Re: TippingPoint x505 Password recovery

The "mkey" feature will work with this version of TOS installed.  In order for that to work you must connect a console cable to the X505 and reboot it gracefully.  When you see the TippingPoint logo appear then you type in "mkey" without the quotes.  You don't have to hit enter or anything just type in mkey.  It should then prompt you for your a name and password you want to use.