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X5 password again

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X5 password again

I've lost password for my 3ComX5 router, please tell me any way to reset it?

sorry for my english, russian support can't help me)



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Re: X5 password again

Try this...it requires physical access to the unit.

- Make a console connection to the x5/x506

- Power on the unit. Let it show CPU, memory etc.

- When the screen shows "Loading" (before the dots appear) - quickly type "mkey" (no quotes) - and press enter

You can then add a new Super Admin account

Note, you have a very small window in which you can actually type mkey...so don't sweat if it doesn't work on the first attempt.

I only tested this on an X5 though, on TOS version TOS Version : X3.1.0.2098

If it works, you should see this right after typing Mkey once the 'loading' status appears (takes a few minutes, goes through CPU, memory, etc etc.:


There are three security levels for specifying user names and passwords:

Level 0: User names and passwords are unrestricted.

Level 1: Names must be at least 6 characters long; passwords at least 8.

Level 2: In addition to level 1 restrictions, passwords must contain:

- at least 2 alpha characters

- at least 1 numeric character

- at least 1 non-alphanumeric character

Please specify a security level to be used for initial super-user name

and password creation. As super-user, you can modify the security level

later on via Command Line Interface (CLI) or Local Security Manager (LSM).

Security level :


You can continue from there.

Note: I do not know if this has an adverse affect on config. Mine was OK, but I was factory resetting it afterwards...so be careful.

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Re: X5 password again

Could you please tell me how to do console connection? we need spetial soft or something else?

thank you in advance



Re: X5 password again

Windows HyperTerminal will work or you could use SecureCRT, there's plenty of shareware out there you could use.  It requires a serial connection to the device.  115k 8-n-1.