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X505 NAT Problem - Can't access WAN


X505 NAT Problem - Can't access WAN

Hi all,

We have two X505s, the live production one and then a cold spare. Last weekend I upgraded our spare to TOS I then physically cut over all our connections to the spare with the new TOS. At first everything looked to be working properly. However on further investigation I found that any DMZ server that had a virtual server (NAT) rule in place on the firewall was unable to access the WAN or be accessed from the WAN, but was able to access the LAN. Servers in the DMZ that didn't have a NAT rule were able to properly communicate with the WAN zone. I didn't have the time to troubleshoot this too far because in the meantime all our web presence was down so I failed back to other X505.

So any ideas? I rebuilt the spare and got it back up to and connected to our router on a separate port with a separate WAN address and NAT devices were able to communicate with the WAN as expected... I'm at a loss.





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