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if Tipping Point can send out SNMP traps

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if Tipping Point can send out SNMP traps

Please advise if Tipping Point can send out SNMP traps.


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Re: if Tipping Point can send out SNMP traps

There are two possible options to monitor your device. SNMP and NMS. The SNMP Server provides access to interface counters and other statistics, configuration data, and general system information via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The SNMP server must be enabled to use SMS management or to allow NMS access. The NMS Options dialog enables you to configure the Network Management System (NMS) settings available for the device. This feature enables monitoring of the device by a restricted NMS, such as HP OpenView
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Re: if Tipping Point can send out SNMP traps

Yes, you can set up NMS(Network Management Stations) to receive Traps.


For your convenience I've attached a document on the Traps.  Please search with the word "trap" to find the relative information.


You can download the user guide for the relative SMS Operating system from the link below.  Please log into TMC and go to the following link and choose the relative OS.  The UserGuide has the directions on how to setup an NMS.   My apologies, the UserGuide is too large to send via email.




The NMS setup can also be done via the IPS directly if you don't have an SMS.