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Browser Compatibility View

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Browser Compatibility View

Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers have a "Compatibility View", which can make certain web sites using older HTML tags and constructs display better. However, Compatibilty View is not universally supported in modern online platforms. If you are seeing minor layout or Rich Text Editor issues while running Internet Explorer 10 or higher, you may wish to try the following and see if it resolves the layout issues.

  1. In your taskbar, click the Internet Explorer icon. For mobile users, tap the Internet Explorer icon.
  2. Select the "Tools" button tools.PNG, and then select "Compatibility View settings".

  3. If the URL is on the list of sites, click to highlight it, and click or tap "Remove." 

If this does not clear the layout issue, it is not caused by Compatibility View, and you may need to look into other possible causes.


Jeroen Peereboom
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Re: Browser Compatibility View

If I use Internet Explorer, I cannot copy/paste text (like this text). A messagebox appears:

"Please use Ctrl+V/Cmd-V keyboard shortcuts to paste contents." 

Do you know how to solve this?


If I use Chrome, the messages are shown in very small columns, only 2 - 3 width. At least, that happens to me many times, but today it looks fine.

Firefox has no problems.



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Re: Browser Compatibility View

User use different browsers to visit websites but few website is seem browser compatibility issue. It may be website development error. You guide is very helpful to know  browser compatibility..