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Searching in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community


Searching in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community includes a search feature that’s available from anywhere within the site.  And in addition to the “basic” search located on every page, users can also access an “Advanced Search’ with additional options and filters.


Depending on where a user is within the community, the search will default the scope to display results from within that same portion of the site.  To help understand how this works, some background on a few different terms used in the search feature:


Community – This reflects the entire Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community site.  So if you’re not sure where something might reside when running a search, this is your best choice (although it will likely result in a large amount of results depending on what’s being searched for).


Category - A category is a potion of the community that has specific boards (or additional categories) below it.  So “Operating Systems” is a category, and “HP-UX” is a category within that category.  Restricting a search to a category can be a great way to reduce the amount of results you’ll receive.


Board – A board is the “deepest” level of the community you can reach.  Boards are also known as “forums” in some communities.  “System Administration” is an example of a board (within the “HP-UX” category, continuing from the example above).



To execute a search through the entire community, make sure “Community” is selected in the drop down list, enter your keywords in the “Search for…” text box, and you should start to immediately receive some suggested results:




(If you would rather not receive the immediate suggestions, click the “turn off suggestions” link at the bottom of the results list).


By clicking “Search” (or simply hitting “Enter” after entering your keywords in the text box), you will receive a more traditional “results list” where you can take advantage of some filtering options (on the left side of the page) to narrow down the search further:





From this same page, you can also execute an even more specific search by clicking the “Advanced Search…” link (above the results list), which will then allow you to search for specific phrases, exclude other keywords/phrases, and more:





Searching at a more specific level of the community is done in the same way (with the same options for suggestions, standard results lists, advanced search, etc.), as long as the drop-down is used:




In the above example, selecting “Board” would only return results from the “General” board.  Choosing “Category” will restrict the search to the “HP-UX” category.  “Community”, as discussed previously, wouldn’t restrict the search at all, and would return results from any category/board within the community.

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