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Want Good Answers? Ask Good Questions...


Want Good Answers? Ask Good Questions...

Following are some tips to help get the best possible responses in the forum:


Search before posting - Use the "Search" box to see if someone has already asked and answered your question. (For specific help on how to use the community search feature, please read this post).


Use the community, not email - This way others can contribute to and benefit from the answers.


Write good titles - Put a short problem description as well as your product in the title.


Provide details - Be sure to give relevant information including:

  • Problem description
  • Product model
  • Operating System (including service pack revision if applicable)
  • Connection method, if applicable (USB, Hardwired LAN, Wireless)
  • Error messages - Both from product and/or computer, any blinking light patterns, etc.


Watch for Feedback - Subscribe to email or RSS updates for your question and/or check your question frequently for responses. Answer promptly any requests for additional information.


Say "Thanks" - When you get an answer to your problem acknowledge the solution. If the answer is helpful mark it with "Kudos" by clicking on the kudos button. If your problem is solved then mark it as solved. This will help others with similar issues find the solution.

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Re: Want Good Answers? Ask Good Questions...

can you give me a flow chart to how to go to ask a question in comunity? :)


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Want Good Answers? Ask Good Questions...

>can you give me a flow chart on how to ask a question in community? :)


Not sure if you're serious.  But Kevin_Paul's post is pretty detailed in the steps.

About the only thing missing is make sure you are on the right board before you create a new topic.

Here searching for similar products/problems may give you a clue.

And look at the FAQ for details of how the forum works:


As to a flowchart, I would think only if you worked in a call center, would that be needed.  :-)