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Re: "Remember Me" - HP Passport Function

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"Remember Me" - Browser Function

There have been some questions about how “Remember me” functions in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community. 

“Remember me” is a browser function, not Passport. When logging in through Passport, each of the three major browsers behaves differently. In addition, different versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox exhibit different behaviors. 

All browsers have multiple security settings, which may or may not affect how “Remember me” behaves.  And just to complicate things a little more, if you are accessing the Internet through a proxy and/or caching server, or via a virtual private network (VPN), there may be some interaction. 

Overall, however most of what “Remember me” will or won't do is controlled by the browser. 

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Dennis Handly
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Re: "Remember Me" - HP Passport Function

I assume you are talking about the "Remember my user ID"?


I've noticed that sometimes it isn't working.  Not a problem, my firefox browser remembers the values of that field and I just click on the right one.


And just to complicate things a little more, ...


Now you are scaring me.  I would assume this simply uses a cookie.  Where is this info kept and why is this so complicated?  Is it based on IP?


Another problem I've noticed recently is that when I refresh a forum page in firefox 22.0, it takes so long that I see the expanded list of all choices from the "Shop for Products & Services" etc menus at the top, before they get converted to the drop down menus.

Dennis Handly
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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

>most of what “Remember me” will or won't do is controlled by the browser.


It appears to be magically working after the HP Passport page redesign.  (It now has a lot more white background.)


Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

Its is depended on your browser security and options which you used first time login.

remove all history than again login with remember ME option. its work.

Dennis Handly
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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

>It is depended on your browser security


Recently switched to firefox 27.  Not sure if it went away before or just after.

Otherwise it has been working most of the time.



Dennis Handly
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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

FYI: With the new social signon, there is NO Remember Me checkbox anymore.


Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

The Remember me setting is actually done manually on every browser. The only difference will be the navigation option to check the box for the remember me setting will be different. Here is the settings for the popular browsers like Firefox, IE and chrome.


Firefox will remember passwords by default. You may have disabled this feature, or told Firefox to never remember passwords for a particular site.

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.
  2. Select the Security panel.
  3. If it isn't already check marked, check Remember logins for sites.
  4. To the right of Remember logins for sites, click the Exceptions… button.
  5. Make sure that the site you're trying to log in to isn't shown in the list.
    • If it is, select the entry and click Remove Site.
  6. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.

Now that you've configured Firefox to remember passwords, try logging in to the site again.


Internet Explorer:

Password saving is on by default in Internet Explorer, but here's how to turn on or off password saving:
  • In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button , and then select Internet options.
  • On the Content tab, under AutoComplete, select Settings.
  • Select the User names and passwords on forms check box, and then select OK. 


Google Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
  4. Under "Password and forms," click Manage passwords.
  5. Turn the setting on. 

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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

"Remember me" implementation through the application generally requires users to select a checkbox, which in turn saves a special cookie containing a unique authentication token (think of it as a marker) that is unique to the user. When the user returns to the website, the details in the cookie identifies the user as being user so-and-so and logs the user into the application. The information of in the cookie is for the application to understand and should not contain any sensitive   information like passwords that other users can read. It's similar to a supermarket handing a membership card. By loading that number, they know it is user so-and-so using the card, since no one else has that number.

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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

Thank you Elsa!

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Re: "Remember Me" - Browser Function

Really its a great function in a browser because I always used to forget.