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Need Linux Materials

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Vidhya B
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Need Linux Materials

I am interested in learning linux. I am looking for a book which helps to me learn from the basics. Kindly suggest me any online pdfs.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Need Linux Materials

You Have a PC.
A Laptop a Desktop or a Net/NoteBook.

Then Go to
Pick a Linux that catches your Fancy.
Burn on a CD/DVD ROM the Live version
Burn to a USB Stick

Run Linux from CD/DVD or USB
Learn, Explore Study to your hearts desire while keeping your Windoze OS intact.
Keep Google as your wingman to guide you and answer yout questions

Now if you're ready to take the next plunge -- Install to your Hard Drive as an additional OS alongside Windows -- on't worry most Linux distribution is intelligent enough to modify your HD partition to accomodate Linux.

Now as you progress -- think about setting up Virtualization on your Linux Machine -- the chices are endless - vMware Server, Xen, vBox or KVM.

One you have that Virtualization Environment -- you can continue your Linux Exploration and test/explore any version of Linux or other Windows/UNIX OSes very easily and conveninetly just like changing clothes everyday. It will also allow you tyo have a virtual network of sorts inside your Linux Virtualization Environment -- so if you're a developer - you can have your own Dev Lab. You can have a seprate DB Server, an App Server/Web Server and your IDE al on one machine...

Cheers and Good Luck with your Lonux Journey!
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: Need Linux Materials

I prefer the tome "Linux Administration Handbook" by Nemeth et al, but for day to day stuff I like "Linux for Dummies" also.

Re: Need Linux Materials


if you like to start with something easy , may be using Linux (Ubuntu ditribution ) will be really useful as start and that may helps you to underdand many things with less risks.

there's a link to dowload :
(choose server or desktop (32 or 64 bits))
You can also order a copy for free, about learning such OS we can search about anything about it into ubuntu-forum:
and with time you will be able to join (IRC chat and asking your question online ;) )

So about others distribution Redhat is the most used distribution of linux:

and debian also and one of the old distribution (like Suse, mandrake (now mandriva)), and there's a manual :

may be with that u can know some basis , and also can introduce to professionnal stand.

that's others link to download some open-source books:

I hope thats useful
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Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: Need Linux Materials

Check out the linux documentation project ,
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