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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Training Class…


You might think that the mission of our Education team here at HPE is about training; think again. The mission of this business-inside-a-much-bigger-business, is something far more interesting and important than training.  

Put simply, our mission is people.

Our mission is to prepare and support people through-out the technology change process. Because people work better as it turns out, when they understand why change is happening – and when they feel supported through the learning process.

Here’s a story that one of our veteran instructors related to me recently. She explained, that for years – decades – we’ve offered training classes on technology. We offer to train people – mostly IT people – on technology. We work with an organization, to tailor a course or a series of courses to fit what’s needed. We prepare the materials and the labs. We schedule the training, and then the people show up.

Most of the time, though, the people showing up to attend the training actually don’t understand why they are there. They haven’t been told why their organization is changing their technology, nor the business benefits that are expected. They also haven’t been told what their role is expected to be in the transformed, transitioned, after-the-technology-project future world.

So, what happens?

When people have a lot of unanswered questions – especially questions that hit them personally – they tend to function less well. They put up walls and resist change. They don’t absorb new information as well as they could.

The net impact for business is more disruption, more risk in technology change, and less results, less quickly. But, the lost opportunity for the people involved is even more of an impact.

The size of transformation happening right now in IT, and in business as a result, is simultaneously very exciting and very intimidating. The opportunity is to climb on board the transformation train, and stay current with what is happening. To try to do this without some help along the way, though, risks falling off the train at high speed, as it rounds a tight corner. In extreme cases, maybe the entire train could come off the track.

Get some support for your learning curve

So, yes, we offer training – and we want you to check it out. But, take advantage, as well, of some other ways that we provide support for your adoption of new technology. Here are some new ways to engage with us – and give us your feedback on what works for you, what you need, and where you’re going on your transformation journey:

  • Try our [free] Cloud Mentoring and Education discussion forum. Share your journey. Respond to our questions, and ask your own. Reply to a discussion thread. Share your best advice and experiences. Learn from each other. Want this type of forum on more topics than cloud? Tell us that on the forum.
  • Want something on your own pace? Try our new Universal Technical Training Subscription, with access to our best elearning content all for one bundled affordable price. The advantages are you can review the material repeatedly, skip what you don’t need, and fit it in when it’s convenient for you.

Limited time only: If you register during our Discover Las Vegas event using our trial code, HPED16, you can obtain the same free 6 month trial that we are offering to people attending the event.

Check out the full details on this offer, at our Discover event page and Register Here. Want some help to register and try this out? Send an email to us, at:

Embarking on a new technology project?

If you are, check out our Management of Change service to learn how we can help make it an easier journey for your people. Our teams are experienced and skilled with assessing the impact of change, and then designing the communications, cultural changes, and skills development that you need.

Has the train left the station?

We can still help. We’ve worked with many teams who are in the process of change, who have realized that their teams need a little more support to get through the process with better results.

In the meantime, the next time you see us online or in person, ask us about how we’re working with people to help prepare and support them through-out technology change. That's why we do what we do, in this HPE Education business.

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