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A Tech Postcard from Home: Happy Holidays – and Happy Turnaround, HP!

It’s that time of year where families converge to celebrate the holidays, and while my family is not very traditional, we’re all managing to come together this year. 


It’s not uncommon for us to be spread out all over the world at any given time. Just this year I traveled to Sweden (see my thoughts on that country’s vibrant datacenter industry here) and Amsterdam (see my thoughts on bicycles and blown budgets here).  My step-father Lee Kedrie made several trips to Asia throughout the year along with numerous domestic trips. Like me, Lee is an HP Technology Services employee and an enthusiastic blogger; you can read his posts on the art of changing the cost trajectory of IT part 1 and part 2.


Luckily, we rarely feel apart because we’re able to participate in each other’s travels thanks to the beauty of technology. It’s amazing to think how far technology has come over the past few years in keeping us connected. Being able to send emails and texts and use video conferencing is the next best thing to being together. More often than not, our smart phones are equipped for international calls, text, and data.  For example, I have been able to email Asia, videoconference the Middle East and call Denver all while traveling just below the Arctic Circle!


With the New Year on the horizon, it’s good to think where technology is heading, too, and especially where HP is heading. And it looks like 2014 holds nothing but good things. In September, veteran analyst Rob Enderle wrote at “I’m starting to get a sense of where this company is going. As the saying goes, IBM and Cisco, and maybe even Microsoft, should be afraid. Very afraid.” What Enderle sees as the great advantage of HP is not the performance of any one division, but rather the “synergy of the whole company.” (Here's Enderle's article: Why HP's successful turnaround is closer than it looks.)


I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the future innovations in technology, as there are no signs of my family’s travel plans slowing down in the upcoming year. And there are certainly no signs of HP’s drive to innovation slowing down either! (See, for example, our latest innovations for the data center.)  I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.


I wish you and your family quality time together either in person or virtually this holiday season!




Lee, Jan, Allan, Laura, Tim




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