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Achieve Business Agility Through Application Migration and Transformation


By Tracey Swales

WW Portfolio Lead for Migrations, HPE Pointnext

Do you need your mobile applications and IoT devices to access your enterprise applications faster?  Do you spend more than half of your application budget on operations and maintenance and still risk losing significant business with unplanned downtime? Would you like to access a broader pool of application and development talent?

GettyImages-508696988_high_800_0_72_srgb.jpgWhatever your need may be, your application is your business. You can achieve significant business agility and savings by adopting modern application architectures, platforms and development practices. The benefits of Application Migration and Transformation can include:  

  • Reduction in the cost of operating mission-critical applications by 80% annually
  • 20% increase in transaction speed
  • Processing in minutes instead of hours
  • 3X faster test completion
  • Up to 75% reduction in development lead times through use of micro-services

The power of applications, and the power of application transformation

Across industries, IT is driving success through agile applications; however, there is no single, proven approach to take.  Sometimes agility is achieved through application re-hosting or re-architecting, sometimes through application transformation and strategic migration to newer platforms or cloud. The level of agility sought often depends on the type of application that needs modernization.

The transformation of mission-critical applications, for example, typically has a goal of cost reduction. Achieving greater levels of agility traditionally has been a secondary consideration. But this has changed in recent years where, particularly for legacy applications, increased agility has become more important.

  • There is a need to better integrate the traditional application environment with new digital applications
  • Enterprises need to respond faster to market change
  • They need to react more efficiently to peaks in demand.

With modern platforms that support fast application development and lower costs, a generation of IT professionals with new skills and ideas, and the choices afforded by Hybrid IT, various paths to application transformation exist. Choosing the right path for a particular business is a matter of weighing the costs, risks and benefits.

But to determine the type of application transformation that would best serve the business, it’s important to first understand the challenges that are creating the need for change.

The mountain to climb, and why transformation needed

Many enterprises are struggling to keep pace with the demands being placed on applications. A business may need ever-faster access to reliable existing services even as it requires innovative new services that can be delivered through mobile and web applications.

Those challenges have created mandatory requirements:

  • Nimble teams that can quickly react to the demands of the business
  • The ability to utilize a mix of legacy and digital platforms and technologies
  • Shorter development cycles
  • Consistently reliable applications
  • Frequent application releases

It’s easy to see why some CTOs delay application migration. Sorting through the various options and integrating core applications with newer ones that support digital initiatives is extremely complex.

A successful transformation is possible, with experience and expertise

HPE works with organizations to help them map their requirements to the available Application and Migration options and select and implement the optimal approach for their business. Working with HPE Pointnext experts can get you the facts-based, objective analysis of the benefits and risks of re-hosting, transforming or re-architecting approaches as well as all the help you need to successfully execute your plan.

HPE Application Migration and Transformation Services from HPE Pointnext helps organizations: gain a clear understanding of business and IT challenges and desired outcomes, match to technical solutions that meet cost, risk, timeline and agility needs, and develop timelines and phasing to meet customer resource availability and constraints.

Getting started fast enables enterprises to not only act with agility, but also deliver rapidly, collaborate across business units and provide visibility to stakeholders throughout the application lifecycle.

Overcome your challenges and transform with success by chatting with experts in HPE Application Migration and Transformation Services from HPE Pointnext today.

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Tracey Swales edited.jpgAbout the Author:
Tracey has 30 years of experience in application services, working across industries with specialities in telecommunications and financial sector. Tracey has worked closely with customers on the full application and workload transformation cycle including core and mission critical systems.

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