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Big Data – Windfall or Waterfall? Find out at HP Discover 2013


The massive amounts of data that companies generate can be a blessing or a curse – a windfall for the hunters of insights or a waterfall of too much information. Increasingly, businesses are finding that Big Data technology can help channel the data deluge. And it can do a lot more than that. In fact, the primary reason organizations are investing in Big Data solutions is to integrate and analyze a wide variety of data, according to a survey of large enterprises by NewVantage.


Eight-five percent of poll participants said that they have a Big Data initiative in place or in progress. If you’re heading in the same direction, you’ll want to check out our Big Data offerings at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona, December 10-12.


HP HAVEn Big Data platform: Intelligent datacenters require infrastructure transformation (Session DT2717)


Presenters: Donald Livengood and Amos Ferrari.


How should your IT architecture change to support Big Data technologies like the HP HAVEn platform? How should you prepare for that change? How will the change compliment or disrupt your datacenter/cloud transformation strategy? These are typical questions that IT managers should be asking when considering a Big Data initiative. Donald and Amos will explain why your future IT infrastructure needs technologies that span Big Data processing and management while also integrating with your current datacenter environment and IT strategy. They will explore the Big Data infrastructure transformation required for intelligent datacenters of the future.


HAVEn Big Data best practice: aligning business and IT for success (Session DT2716) 


Presenter: Angela Chin - Consulting strategist, HP 


When planning a Big Data strategy implementation, you address how that strategy can create business value. Ever wonder what additional value is possible? HP HAVEn can provide opportunities to create more value for business and your customers. However, you can’t just tack Big Data capabilities onto your existing solutions. You must understand what data you already have access to, what data you could potentially have access to, how you could use that data, and what value that data could create. In this session, Angela will discuss these Big Data opportunities and how your industry plays a role in how you extract value from your growing pool of information.  


Big Data protection and compliance (Session DF3115)


Session Speakers: Lois Boliek, Business Consulting Strategist, HP; Tari Schreider, Chief Security Architect, HP 


Private and public enterprises today are facing the most aggressive and persistent threats in the history of information technology. The adoption of Big Data is driving growth in the consumerization of IT, social media, cloud and mobility as organizations seek to leverage information to improve their productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue. The centralization of such valuable information into Big Data platforms makes enterprises an attractive target to malicious hackers and insiders increasing risk their profiles exponentially. How will you ensure the security and compliance of your most valuable data in this changing threat landscape? Attend this session to learn how HP is helping customers protect their Big Data and maintain compliance with their myriad of legal and regulatory standards.

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