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Building the backup and recovery solution that's right for your business


As data growth continues unabated and dependence on data for competitive differentiation increases, a sound backup and recovery strategy is more important than ever. It’s also more challenging than ever. You’re storing more and more data from more and more sources. The numbers and types of storage devices are increasing, while backup windows are shrinking. How can you know if your backup and recovery solution is right for your needs?


Global research firm Frost & Sullivan addresses this question in a new white paper Beyond overhead: How your backup and recovery strategy can contribute to strategic business success. The answer? Start by conducting a thorough assessment of your existing solution. And by thorough, F&S means profiling and classifying your data, implementing best practices for storage solutions, finding ways to strengthen and streamline processes, de-duplicating data, comparing costs and restore times of various options, and measuring restore performance on a regular basis.


Understanding how different types of backup hardware impact performance is crucial, too. As Darrell James pointed out at this blog recently (see his post Is Tape Really Dead?) magnetic media isn't going away. Just as silicon gets faster, traditional storage gets cheaper. Storage hardware varies greatly in how it performs restorals, which affects recovery time and price/performance. What organizations really need is clear guidance on which storage technology – or, more likely, which combination of storage technologies – is best for them.


Which is one reason why Frost & Sullivan suggest that you might want to consider what professional consulting services, such as HP Storage Services, can offer. We can conduct an in-depth analysis that identifies the best approach for your specific BURA challenges, improves service levels, mitigates risk, and lowers costs.


And for a broad look at how well your storage environment is equipped to meet the challenges of the era of Cloud and Big Data, check out our free online Storage Infrastructure Readiness Assessment.

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