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Converged Management for data centers: The marriage of IT and facility management


By Ian Jagger, Global Portfolio Marketing Manager, HP Technology Consulting Services


Ian Jagger.jpgI’ve met with several vendors of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions this week at HP Discover, and even done a couple of podcasts with them. Common to all vendors in this space is that they come at the issue from the facility perspective, but recognize some of the difficulties they face when trying to take their software solution into the IT space. It lacks integration.


HP’s Critical Facilities business has always worked with DCIM vendors to do exactly what's needed — integrate within the IT context. And then it moved forward.


I'm sitting in the Discover Theater 6 at HP Discover, where Omar Elissa and Steve Wibrew are discussing integrating IT and facilities management. Interestingly Omar is in the facilities consulting practice, and Steve is from the IT consulting practice. HP’s hardware organization worked with the consulting teams to bridge that gap. The hardware-embedded software solution launched was HP OneView. HP’s consulting team, to which Steve and Omar belong, converge HP OneView with DCIM systems, and HP calls that Converged Management.


The DNA for it consists of HP Software solutions with uCMDB, Asset Manager and Service Manager, automation and Cloud solutions, together with DCIM partner solutions from Schneider Electric, Emerson, Nlyte Software and others. HP software bridges the systems with Operation Bridge, Operations Manager and Site Scope, and the platform that brings it together is HP OneView. The point here is that the customer ends up with a converged management platform that treats IT and the facility as one entity.


DCIM platforms provide OpEx and CapEx efficiencies, infrastructure availability, and energy efficiency. Converged management adds standardization and optimization across converged platforms that improve the utilization of facility and IT assets, provide accurate and consistent inventory information, and deliver greater agility and confidence in change management. It also facilitates internal charge-out capabilities in terms of usage rather than utility. Power management can move back and forth between facility and IT appropriately.


The vendors I met earlier in the week are all delighted that HP created a Converged Management solution, as customers gain more from their platforms than just a focus on the facility. As we’re hearing a lot this week, the space around the component parts of a data center and IT service platforms such as Cloud must merge into one dynamic organism. If those components converge, so must the management of them, and people like Omar and Steve are the experts who will plan, build and integrate the converged solution.


Sounds like a plan to me!




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Read more about Converged Management in my blog about planning for data centers in light of the New Style of IT.

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