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Data Privacy: Shield Your Devices, Not Just Your Apps


By Gary Jackson, Technology Services EMEA


Never has the subject of how companies deal with the, often highly personal, data they hold about us been more in focus. We all place our trust in whoever we deal with to handle this data properly, not only within the legal standards and regulations of the day but with the greatest level of care possible.


Hardly a day passes without some new story in the media about how personal data – be it medical records, credit card details, or simply names and addresses – has been mishandled. (Earlier this year, for example, the US Justice Department indicted five men with stealing more than 160 million credit card numbers, according to this article in InformationWeek.) This can have a devastating effect not only on the individuals involved, but also on the reputation of the organization that had been entrusted with the information.


A second issue is around proprietary information and the need to protect intellectual property; this is imperative for companies in this digital age. CIOs need to know and to be able to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable steps to protect this type of data. At best, a leak could be embarrassing; at worst, financially devastating. These are the issues that concentrate the minds of anyone with responsibility for sensitive data.


Companies are facing the need not only to comply with data privacy regulations, but also to be able to demonstrate to their customers that the data they hold about them can never be accessed by anyone who is not properly authorized. There are even league tables of the most trusted companies being published for all to see; for example, the Ponemon Institute’s Most Trusted Companies for  Privacy, where HP is ranked 2nd only to American Express. So as you can see we really do know what we’re talking about.


When we actually stop to consider the number of entities that hold our data, be they governmental or commercial, and the amount and type of data they hold, it’s no wonder that Data Privacy is such a hot topic.


How HP can help


HP can help you to protect sensitive data in many ways, but I’d like to focus on the control of devices that hold this data (less glamorous than the world of espionage and hacking, but no less important, I hope you’ll agree!) Remember, it’s not only disk drives that are capable of retaining data; memory, system boards and other devices also retain data which can be accessed even from a failed device.


HP is first to the market with a comprehensive suite of data privacy services designed to control these devices. IBM, EMC, NetApp and Dell all recognize the need for Data Privacy Services, but only HP has come to the market with a comprehensive set of integrated (and very importantly, standardized) services that you can implement today to solve many of the issues that face companies doing business in the current environment. HP is also extremely well placed due to our unique ability to support customers from Desktop to Datacenter and through Servers to Storage.


To help you RETAIN data we offer Defective Media Retention (DMR) and Comprehensive Defective Material Retention (CDMR). When a disk goes bad, the data on it might still be accessible through a variety of tools and techniques. How do you ensure you’re in compliance with today’s stringent security regulations? Read how our services can help you keep sensitive data safe.


We can also help you REMOVE data from your devices with our HP Data Sanitization service.


And we can help you RECOVER and reuse assets where sensitive data has been stored through our tailored HP Asset Recovery Services. We’ll help you align your internal best practices for treatment of end-of-life IT assets with data security and environmental standards, and even remarket unneeded equipment for money back.


Any one of our services, or a combination tailored to suit individual needs, can make a huge difference to the way a company securely deals with data retaining devices.


UPDATE, 12.18.13: At HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona last week, HP unveiled an expanded portfolio of Cloud solutions that offer improved security for hybrid environments. You may also want to check out our just-announced HP Converged Storage offerings built for the data center of the future.


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