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Data center platform strategy for IBM/Lenovo customers: HP can help you make smart decisions


by Mohammed Safder, Worldwide Lead, HP IT Strategy Consulting Services


mohammed_safder_badge.jpgWe live in a business world that is constantly changing – indeed, change is critical to the continued success of your business. The recent IBM announcement that Lenovo will acquire IBM’s x86 server business has created an interesting situation, especially for enterprise customers invested heavily in IBM’s x86 servers. Does Lenovo have the necessary enterprise-class computing expertise and experience? Will this change increase operational risk and uncertainty for your environment from both the products perspective and the services perspective? HP can help you plan your forward strategy – learn about HP Project Smart Choice.


This situation requires enterprise customers to start thinking about their overall strategy for data center platforms, as well as their product and services roadmap, in order to minimize potential operational risk to the business as a result of the announcement.


My recommendations for IBM/Lenovo customers and prospects:


1. Think through and carefully review IBM x86 buying decisions.


2. Don’t hesitate to ask IBM to disclose future product road maps for technology to be retained by IBM.


3. Check the interdependencies that may arise between IBM retained systems and those acquired by Lenovo.


4. Secure a clear understanding from both companies as to whether the technology you buy will remain with IBM or move to Lenovo.


5. Monitor the account and product transition plans that IBM and Lenovo put in place to streamline the transfer of technologies and people.


6. Speak to HP. We have long-term experience in enterprise computing and solutioning. Planning for and building enterprise-ready Microsoft, Linux, SAP, Oracle, cloud, big data and industry solutions on x86 architecture and technologies requires strategic consulting, advanced solution architecture, and design skills, along with access to the full breadth and depth of data center skills.It calls for a vendor like HP that can readily access a global pool of facilities, storage, networking, security, Microsoft, and SAP experts who bring years of proven knowledge.


You will need to make a number of smart decisions to effectively manage this change in order to minimize operational risk and deliver value to your business. You should think not only about your future data center platform, but also about your migration strategy and support transition plan.


If you want a server vendor, there are lots of choices. If you want a strategic partner with 25 years of innovation and experience, there’s only one: HP, the Smart Choice. We combine innovation, application know-how and business sense into business solutions that help our clients harness the power of the New Style of IT. Unlike a server vendor that just focuses on a few elements like the technology, HP is a strategic partner for all of the core elements of the data center that are critical to enterprise business.


In addition to providing the entire “product stack,” HP brings the “Power of One” to help you thrive in the face of change: one accountable partner to support your IT environment, a partner that can guide you and help you transform to the new hybrid world. We’ve helped clients just like you turn cost into profit, accelerate time-to-business-value, and harness the power of the New Style of IT to drive business transformation. That’s what defines being the one leader of this industry, and that’s how we will remain the leader for the next 25 years.


With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services, HP is ready to be your strategic partner and help you turn uncertainty into opportunity. We’ll help you smoothly transition your workloads and services to the target platform of your choice while helping you to minimize operational risk and helping you to protect your investment.


Take advantage of our special offer to meet with an expert HP strategist who can help you migrate and move forward – request a free half-day consulting session here.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: HP is now promoting a bunch of special offers to help you jump-start your organization on its path beyond IBM/Lenovo uncertainty. Learn more about our free offers and other ways to save here.


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Hi Mohammed, great post.  I am part of our Technology Services Consulting team and we are helping clients make these important decisions around their compute platforms, but also for storage and networking where there are similar HP innovations underway.


For clients who want to better understand our consulting talent and offerings, here is a good link:



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