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Who says IT support services aren’t sexy? The right services in today’s complex environments have proven their ability to help companies:

  • Reduce costs
  • Speed return on investment (ROI)
  • Focus on business, not IT
  • Achieve their business goals faster and more predictably
  • Build the ideal IT and business environment for today’s goals and challenges
  • Seamlessly evolve that environment to meet the goals and challenges of the future

If that’s not sexy, then perhaps we redefine the meaning of the word for our industry.

In the 20+ years I have spent in services, I have seen first-hand the positive difference services can make for thousands of our customers. Today, we continue to work to make HP services an even stronger contributor to your success … and even sexier.

Over the past few months, HP services has held a series of on-going meetings to define the future of services, including how to ensure that what we offer now is clear, well-defined and appealing … and that any new services we create are an obvious match for what you need to make IT work for you.

Key to these efforts has been our meetings with HP services leaders worldwide. Together, we have shared ideas, strategies and best practices on key topics like providing support for x86 environments; helping companies reach their goals in terms of the Cloud, Big Data, the Converged Infrastructure and other hot areas; and increasing services flexibility by enhancing the role of our Channel Partners.

We have evaluated the effectiveness of the portfolio of services we currently offer. We also discussed specific approaches we could take to achieve continuous improvement and attractiveness in a wide range of services-related areas.

I plan to fill you in on some of the specifics of these meetings in my upcoming blogs. It will give you a pretty good idea of what HP is thinking and where the future of services is headed for you and for us.

Stay tuned.


See more sexy services in action at HP Discover2013. Find out more.


Mike CroninMike Cronin is the Vice President, Technology Services (TS) Support, for the Americas Enterprise Group. He has an extensive background in the services business and has been instrumental in driving the overall growth and profitability of the TS business over the past ten years. Prior to joining HP in 1989, Mike worked at Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories and Compugraphic Corporation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bentley College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Merrimack College.











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Agree!  Success is sexy!


Communicating the value of services successfully is one of the differences between a consultant or trusted advisor and an order taker.


Too often technology services are simply scratched off of a list with a self-congratulatory praise, "I just saved thousands of dollars!" The reality is, the opposite is true.


As a pre-sales engineer, I focus on what is trying to be accomplished and not what products will satisfy a requirement.


When the time is taken to gather all of the facts, it should be clear why services are as important to a data center solution as the hardware.




Right on, msmith, about the “penny-wise, pound foolish” mentality. Just one incident where downtime is minimized or avoided thanks to services will usually more than pay for the cost of the service itself.  In expressing the value of services, the element of time is typically in play.   How much downtime can the customer afford in the environment?   When there are issues – hardware, OS, applications, middleware etc.  how much time can the customer devote to helping to resolve either in person or on the phone?   The tradeoff of spending or investing in services against the risk of SLA’s that don’t really match with customer expectations/needs invariably involves the concept of time.  


Pre-sales support serves as an important reminder to our customers and sales executives just how important time is to ensuring a customer’s business is uninterrupted and when support services does engage either proactively or reactively it is done professionally and with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

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