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Do virtualization ratios matter?

TS_Guest on ‎08-14-2014 08:35 AM

by James Cohen, Consulting Strategist, HP Data Center Consulting


James Cohen.jpgOver the past few months I’ve had conversations with a number of IT leaders who have asked this question: “Is it possible to get to 90 percent virtualization?”


My answer is always the same: “Yes, but why would you want to focus on that?”


Better areas to focus on would be cost reduction, improving agility and ensuring the optimal levels of availability. Virtualization can certainly contribute to those goals, but to focus exclusively on ratios is misguided. With products such as HP Moonshot on the market, many IT organizations may find that it’s more effective to invest in physical servers than in creating more virtual servers, for appropriate application workloads. Doing so will almost certainly result in increased cost savings, since the hardware is inexpensive, and you can minimize software license charges.


So, as with any IT initiative, it’s important to focus primarily on the business outcomes you’re looking for. The technology choices and goals are important, of course, but they should take a back seat in your overall virtualization strategy.


As you prioritize your goals and tech approaches for your data center, it’s worth spending some time to investigate the very real benefits you can achieve by moving to the Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) model. HP’s approach to SDDC can help you drive up availability and drive down hardware costs by making optimal use of your hardware investments. HP SDDC creates an applications catalogue which ensures that applications meet the governance, availability and security requirements of the business, enabling much faster responses to business needs.


Our approach to SDDC leverages our Converged Infrastructure and ConvergedSystems solutions, with a control layer acting as the orchestration controller between an application and the infrastructure. And HP SDCC can drive even better performance from Cloud solutions, particularly if both the HP SDDC and Cloud solution are built on OpenStack.


Take a look at my slides below to learn about HP’s open architecture, our software-defined approach, and how we can help you make the transition to SDDC.



To learn more about me and how I can help your organization get the best return on its data center investments, visit my HP Expert profile.


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