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For storage transformation, go with the flow


By Patrick Porto


I’ve been looking at vacation opportunities lately. I like scuba diving, but I recently visited the web site of a company that offers river cruises in all parts of the world. (You’ve probably seen their ads.) I was pleasantly surprised to find not only itineraries for each trip, but also a robust set of videos highlighting many of the attractions each trip would visit. There were even short language primers to at least get you to the hello, goodbye, please, and thank you stage in each country. It gave me a real feel for what my I would experience on one of their cruises.


That’s similar to what our Data Management Transformation Experience Workshop does for IT organizations needing to transform their storage, backup, and data management.


Some IT organizations haven’t yet started the storage transformation journey, but the escalating volume of data and its growing importance to the business is proving existing storage approaches and processes to be inadequate. Other organizations may have started to make the needed improvements but find themselves circling in a backwater looking for the main current. In either case, a transformation experience workshop gives you the opportunity—in three days—to plot your storage course with the help of some skilled guides who know the country and the language.


The workshops are interactive sessions facilitated by our senior storage consultants. They accommodate 5 to 10 people, so you bring a cross-section of the stakeholders in your organization. Magic Markers replace slideware. We focus the discussion around, and capture information on, 11 panels where we map out information like the business requirements that drive your storage strategy, your as-is state, existing pain points, your desired state, and the operational considerations of your storage processes.


Unlike a packaged river cruise, your storage transformation journey will be unique to your business and to the location you’re starting from. We look outside of IT to make sure your storage plans align with your business needs. Before we finish, we identify the opportunities for improvement, create a roadmap to get you where you want to go, and map out five to seven initial projects that can move you down the road to more efficient data management and more effective data protection. To get you started, we highlight some short-term wins that bring early value and rapid ROI to your storage initiatives.


The HP Data Management Transformation Experience Workshop uses a proven methodology that helps you understand where you must go and get the journey started. It gives you a chance to back away from day-to-day firefighting and look at the broad landscape to understand where the fires are coming from. We help you reduce the risk for new projects and quickly see tangible returns.


I can’t decide about river cruising. The Danube sounds romantic, but I’m pretty sure the water clarity in Cozumel is better. My Spanish is a little limited, but I do know “Una cerveza, por favor.”


Check out our latest storage innovations, announced at HP Discover in Las Vegas this month, here. If you missed Discover, you can learn about HP Discover 2014 in Barcelona here, and you can also find videos of the Las Vegas event.

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