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HP 3PAR StoreServ Integration Service: a great place to start


By Lorenzo De Amici, EMEA Portfolio Manager, HP Technology Services Consulting


The American industrialist J. Paul Getty said, “In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.” We sometimes see that in technology. When something new comes along, we apply the knowledge and expertise we gained working with earlier similar technology. But if we’re not careful, we can miss some of the differences that make the new technology better. And that can result in not getting the most value from what is new.


The new 3PAR StoreServ storage solutions are like that. They not only offer better performance and more capacity, they are actually easier to implement than some earlier systems. But … if you apply legacy storage systems’ configuration best practices, you will probably reach only a fraction of StoreServ’s potential in terms of I/O performance, workload agility and overall return on investment. There are differences in the way you must configure the systems that, if overlooked, can result in suboptimal efficiency and performance. So we’re helping our StoreServ customers take advantage of the capabilities of these new systems to get the most value from them—and grow their own experience at the same time.


Our storage consulting team is offering HP 3PAR StoreServ Integration Service to help you implement StoreServ solutions and integrate them into your storage-area network. The service helps you leverage StoreServ integration features with operating systems to attain your performance and efficiency targets, simplify management and deployment, and reduce TCO and storage management costs and risks. Let me tell you what we can do. Then I’ll discuss the benefits you can get with our help, and I’ll tell you how to get more information.


First, we examine your storage situation—your current storage systems and the applications that use them—to understand its current state, and we create a written summary of your storage environment. We discuss with you the requirements the new storage systems must meet and how they must integrate with your existing storage systems. Based on that, we create a detailed document including logical and physical architectures, configuration details, connectivity parameters for the new StoreServ solution, and supporting rationale and documentation. We create an implementation plan detailing the tasks, estimates of the time each will take, and the roles required to implement the StoreServ design. And we perform the configurations detailed in the plan.


Of course, you must grow your own experience, too, so our process includes transferring to you the knowledge your team needs to maintain and grow the new systems. We conduct a final workshop to complete the handover of the newly integrated storage solution to you. We ensure a proper transfer of information, and we discuss how the solution might evolve in the future.


I’ve described the complete process; engagement duration is 2 or 3 weeks depending on the chosen service option. We’ve also defined a maximum engagement duration of 8 weeks should you need more time to collect and provide us with configuration requirements, or to start actual production processes on the new 3PAR before conducting the final Performance baseline analysis.


What are the benefits? Our services can accelerate your deployment, so you begin getting the benefits of the new technology sooner with less risk. Our design helps you increase availability, reduce downtime, and more easily adapt to changing business conditions. In the long run, it’s about increasing IT agility while reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.


Learn how HP can help you accelerate to the next era of storage: read more about HP Storage Services.


And check out the video at this post for a humourous look at how, in a land with no HP Storage, everything is a little bit worse  — as explained by two very funny puppets. (Yes, puppets!)

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