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HP Experts bring their best to each client engagement: Meet Richard Sawyer


Richard has that kind of 100-watt smile that lights up a room and immediately puts folks at ease – even before he utters one word.  When he starts to speak about his 30 years of experience in the datacenter & IT industry as being his “second wave of education”, you are probably quite impressed, and rightfully so.  But, in addition to on-the-job learning, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Technology, a Standard Teaching Certificate in Industrial Technology Education - and he’s a licensed Master Electrician, to boot!


One of the ways that Richard has kept up with technology advances is by teaching others.  He is a frequent speaker at a variety of technical seminars and conferences around the world, including the Association for Datacenter Management Professionals (AFCOM).  AFCOM is recognized as a trusted "brand" in the data center industry, and is the leading association of data center management professionals. It provides a forum for discussion, networking, learning and problem-solving.


Rick often states, quite humbly, that “true Datacenter professionals are not made just because they have an IT degree in hand; they are made through hard work and hands-on experience.”  He goes on to add that “The best datacenters have three levers:  the IT architecture, the facility infrastructure and the people”.  He considers that the people are key to success in designing and managing the most efficient datacenters.  -- You need to leverage that deep knowledge and expertise when you’re considering a datacenter transformation that will support your business today – and accelerate your growth well into the future. -- You need to work with an HP Expert.


Learn more about Richard SawyerRichard Sawyer 2.jpg  


Richard has also published several blogs:


Data Center Generators:  Hidden Assets


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You can also check out some of Richard’s equally extraordinary colleagues @ Meet the Experts.



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